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#2: Time spent dreaming is never wasted…

on October 27, 2015

Photo the the day which also ties in with the theme ! 😉


Thousand pieces puzzle by Typo 2015

Today’s song is the a Brand New Day acoustic version by Kodaline featuring Nina Nesbitt 😉

This is actually a 1000 piece puzzle from Typo which I managed to bag yesterday before it was completely sold out. Once again during exam period, I didn’t really pay attention to those sale emails properly XD or actually go into my local Typo stall! Lucky for me they still had this one, but looks like the world map one that I was after has stopped distribution ><” so the next best thing is for me to draw it, which of course I will share 😉 Both the completed puzzle and world map!

I’ve never really been a puzzle person, but then again- since leaving high school I’ve always ended up doing something that I never expected 😉 But Typo has this awesome tendency to make what seemed out of date, all the more relevant again. By the way, if you’ve never been to Typo- it’s the ultimate dreamers paradise where everything is inspiring! I’m imagining a lot of Friday nights spent building the puzzle pieces while listening to my favourite music (Kodaline of course) until the pieces are all together.

So onwards to time spent dreaming is never wasted! I’ve always been a daydreamer- from delving into different worlds of my favourite books to watching the view outside the train window dreaming of stories and journeys that are yet to come. I think that’s how you know that you’re a writer- when the everyday mundane becomes something that inspires you 😉

Dreams of who we can be are the essence of being a 20 something.They are what keep us going in our every day lives whether we’re working, studying or in between (either close to the ideal or far). 😉 it’s where we escape when we’re in the less than ideal situation and it propels us to keep going with grit, determination and passion. But do remember that while time spent dreaming is never wasted; for them to become a reality – they’ve got to be backed by actions (as mentioned further tomorrow!)

Small actions make your dreams a reality. 😉

But the main story of it all, is that you dared to dream, that it could become a reality. And that it the most magical thing of all. Because if we didn’t dream, what do we have to keep us going?

What are your dreams right now…?

I dream of waking up and doing something I love, where I don’t even realise I’m at work because I’m so passionate about it. My 3 word mantra is to dream, inspire, encourage 20 somethings ;)…


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