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2018 New Year Resolutions – Part 1

New Year Resolutions 2018

2017 was a rough year of transition – ending the year with a bang. Me on NYE? Was pretty unforgettable. 2016 was the complete polar opposite. I was at my Youth Pastor’s house ringing in the New Year with their close friends. Never mind I had an introvert hangover (yes those are real! Just read IntrovertDear for proof) and pretty much missed the NYE fireworks!

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Unibookworm’s 2017 snapshot ;)

2017 has been a relatively quiet year blogging wise 😉 and I already can’t wait to get writing again with 2018. With so many ideas and stories to share, it’s going to be amazing 😉 Shout out to Milanote- my new favourite website to store my blog ideas. I would be totally lost without it =) If only there was an app, that would be awesome. Till then Trello will be here to save the day!

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2017 Speak Now ;)

Throwback to 2010 😉

One of my favourite Taylor Swift quotes from her Speak Now era is:

T Swift Quote 2010

… And it still resonates

Some context though of this post 😉

2016 was so my dream year. While 2017 has been a huge year of transitional change. Maybe it’s something to do with the 5 year mark. Cause the last time when I was went through so much change was in 2012 😉 that was the year that I discovered myself and learnt that I’m a lot braver and stronger that I ever thought I was. Fast forward 5 years to 2017, the same thing could be said.

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Finders Keepers exploration =)

Going to any design market makes me realise how talented artsy people are 😉 The moment you embark into the Royal Exhibition building, you seriously have no idea where to look! The twinkling lights, the colours, the hustle and bustle of storekeepers and customers chit chatting against the backdrop of good food, really inspired me =)

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Finders Keepers Market @ Melbourne

How talented and awesome is Megan McKean to design this?! Headed there this arvo and will report back 😉 ^^ P.S I missed blogging! 😉 And now that exams are over, I’m back!! =)

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The Sun & The Moon Best Friends

My awesome guy best friend’s visit ended today 😅 And to remind myself that it’s not all doom and gloom… I published a short story I wrote late last year! (inspired by our long distance friendship!). P.S: Of course I draw parallels to Cecelia’s Ahern, When Rainbows end- story of Rosie & Alex to our friendship. But turns out we beat them!

They were only 4, 806km away (Dublin to Boston), 7 hrs in flight time & 5 hrs in time difference! So lucky. For us it’s 11,358km (Middle East to Australia), 17 hrs in flight & 7hrs (in non daylight savings) apart 😱. Not only that, Rosie & Alex could call and visit whenever. While for us, that luxury doesn’t exist!

But honestly? The distance has made our friendship bond stronger than I have ever had with anyone. To the point where it doesn’t matter if we don’t talk every day or that we barely get to see each other, it will always be the same 😉 nothing will ever change. ❤

Happy readings ;)!

The Sun & The Moon

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Week 2: Self compassion- Kindness Challenge

Self compassion

Yes I know, the point of the Kindness challenge is to focus on a different prompt every week! But with uni exam prep, blogging didn’t really happen. Although I did subconsciously focus on the challenge prompts anyway 😉 so it counts!

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Week 1: Self love reflection – Kindness Challenge

Self love

Ah self <3. What better way to start the Kindness Challenge than at the very beginning?

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I’m back!!!! To writing =)

Back to writing!

Mini hiatus from blogging over! Uni law exam done and dusted last week. Officially on a 2 week winter break 😉 Now I’ve got all the time in the world to catch up on the Kindness blogging challenge, cooking, foodie and museum explorations and just life in general! Winter break bliss!!!


May Kindness Challenge begins!

May Kindness Chalkenge

So after fun 26 mini moving out adventures A-Z April blogging challenge- I stumbled across therichnessofasimplelife 😉

And I couldn’t help but sign up for a 7 week challenge of love and kindness. ❤

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