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2017 New Year Resolutions

Brand new beginnings

So 2016 is done and dusted. And the big question… Did Unibookworm ace all the resolutions? 😉

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July big news! =)

July big news

Poland Sunset, Everday Wow Twitter 2016

After spending the entire week, tweaking, designing, coding- it’s finally here. The reason why I started blogging in the first place. I started Unibookworm to learn the ropes of blogging and now… Read the rest of this entry »

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#2: Time spent dreaming is never wasted…

Photo the the day which also ties in with the theme ! 😉


Thousand pieces puzzle by Typo 2015

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#1: A brand new day

Brand New Day

Image designed by Unibookworm using Paper 53


Welcome to the very first official post for a theme a day! 😉 ideally this will be posted daily in the morning, but today will be the exception (reasons why to be explained).. Despite today’s delay, I’m so excited to be starting this new blog series!!! Who knows where it will lead? It’s my sincere hope that my daily posts will add a sparkle of sunshine and optimism 😉 whether it’s another dreary day at work or an amazing day for you readers, hope it inspires you!

So how does the theme a day work? Well, glad you’re thinking that! Every morning, I’ll be writing an inspirational post based on my favourite Kodaline songs (they’re an awesome Irish band! 😉 if you haven’t heard them before- highly recommend In a Perfect World Album on Spotify). To add to the magic of my posts, I’m embedding the song in my post- and yes you have to listen to the song while reading it 😉 the music sets the mood for the daily uppage! And of course, my photo of the day will be debuting to complete the morning uppage dose 😉

Happy readings!

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The Unibookworm Internship =)

Unibookworm internship

Image by Unibookworm taken from Typo


In celebration for the awesome movie of the Intern ;), I’ve decided to create my own summer internship! It’s the end of the year, no one is really recruiting right now- as we’re all fast approaching Christmas 😉 yay! So I figured- why not create my very own internship that enthuses everything that I am passionate about? 😉 The one thing that excites me the most about this is the self discovery journey that I’ll embark on!

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How to fail exams…

It’s week 2 of exams and a Monday so I thought it was time for some exam comedy!

After all, it way too easy to get so bogged down with cramming for exams and forget to let loose a little 😉
For those who have already had exams, hopefully this video be some light post-exam mortem hearted comedy for you. And for those who haven’t had exams yet and are extremely scared of failing and haven’t have time to read the 36 Deakin rules of doing exams… !) :O

So from me to you, I’ve completely revamped the Deakin 36 golden rules of exams to 17 sarcastic but hilarious ways to fail… So are you ready to learn on HOW NOT TO DO EXAMS??

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101 Secrets for your 20’s


Image by Moody Publishers 2013

Having just turned 21 last week (which still hasn’t hit realisation yet) 😉 decided to share the book that made my 1st year of my twenties awesome!

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Keep dreaming…

It was Good Friday, started mid break, been crazy hectic. Haven’t blogged in a while
😦 feels soooo long ago! And as usual I missed it 😉

To celebrate Easter, I gave Adobe Voice a go to make the inspiring keep dreaming video… Enjoy! (Adobe voice, you are now my favourite new video making app, so quick and easy!) 😉

Hope you all had an awesome Easter loaded with sweet treats (chocolates 😉 and family and friends fun!

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Finding your motivation again…



Image by Paul Angone/ Allgroanup 2014

Being a uni student, it seems that we continually trudge through our 30th essay assignment/100th exam cramming/ snore worthy lecture. And we begin to wonder what brought us to uni in the first place. So how do we get our motivation back when it feels like we’re not sure where we’re going in life after uni??

Enter in Paul Angone’s Allgroanup website ( yep, the groan is spelt wrong on purpose!) it’s the golden grail for your 20’s! Check out the hilarious but totally relatable welcome Vlog if you don’t believe me 😉

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