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Unibookworm is tutoring Economics!


So here’s a quick recap of my quirky tutor ad πŸ˜‰
*Please note that tutoring is only available at Deakin Burwood campus.

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MMM102 Global Mindset

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University Survival Kit =)


Backpack image by Ring and Things 2015 & image designed by unibookworm using PicCollage 2015


With O’week over and T1 week 1 kicking off today- thought I’ll give my belated O’week pressie to new students!

Something to make the first weeks of uni less daunting. Something that will make your intro to uni life a breeze, instead of getting overloaded by TMI ( too much information), So from me to you… Here’s unibookworm’s uni survival kit! Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

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This Blackboard Collaborate business…

Blackboard Collab

Image by Anh Vuong using Paper 53 and co-designed by unibookworm


If you happen to be doing a completely online subject this trimester, chances are you’ll be using Blackboard Collaborate ALL THE TIME. But what on earth is it?! It’s the 21st century where blackboards practically no longer exist and the program is called Blackboard?

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Secrets of Deakin IT

Deakin IT secrets

Image designed by Unibookworm using Paper by Team 53


You would think after being at Deakin for 2 years and tracking on the 3rd, I would have discovered everything that there is to know about Deakin. (*Well lets just glaze over the fact that I still haven’t made it to the Art Gallery yet- despite passing by it all the time!) But it just goes to show that I have yet scratched the surface of Deakin’s hidden secrets…

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Referencing 101


Ref 101

Image by Team 53 Paper and PicCollage 2015

Ah referencing. The major drag of doing assignments. You sometimes wonder why can’t the standard high school URL be accepted at uni. But that’s the life of academia at uni!

Referencing is usually worth 3-10 marks of assignments, and when you think about it, they’re really are simple marks up for grabs. Though somewhat time consuming. Especially when you used 30 odd references from images to journal articles to websites, it’s enough to do your head in! But here’s the secret to make referencingΒ as painless as possible…

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Career Chat Hub!

Career Chat Hub

Image by PicCollage 2015

Yes it’s been quiet in the Unibookworm front (side affect from a major assignment in the works- almost there!). But there is Unibookworm goodness on the way back for Feb! Till then I just wanted to share the exciting new blog series for 2015 πŸ˜‰

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HBS110 Health Behaviour


So now that you’ve watched the aui60s trailer, are you curious to find out more?

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Electives majors =)

Thought it would be easier to have it as a separate page! So here they are!




BUSINESS Image by Deakin Uni 2012


Image by Deakin Uni 2012


Image by Deakin Uni 2012

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What electives should I pick?

When your picking your electives, there are 3 trains of thought which I think is best illustrated in the drawing below!


Elective pathway

Image by PicCollage & ChalkDraw 2014

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