Week 1: Acceptance – The Brave way is through =)

“Acceptance is the act of allowing reality to be as it is, without resistance, refusal or struggle. It’s a place of acknowledgement of the things that we can’t change, and a channel for reserving our energy for the things that we can change.” (Rebecca Ray, 2019, The Universe listens to the brave).

I love this opening quote to kick off week 1: Acceptance. It’s a mantra that I’ve always resonated with when life doesn’t go to plan and believe me it always never does. And it’s always something that I’ve always been proud of that I don’t dwell too long in the negativity or what could of been. I rather channel the negative/frustrated energy into something more productive and meaningful. Whether it be channeling in my feelings into writing a song, a blog post or an inspirational IG long caption/message – it’s always been my default.

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Flashback Winter Solstice musings

Winter musings

Winter musings

This post was originally written at the end of June but got postponed in till now for personal reasons. Spring is here now and so are the writing days 😉 here’s to brighter brand new beginnings and adventures ahead!

It’s been a whirl wind in the last 6 months of 2019, that I simply can’t comprehend that July is yet again almost among us. Between moving back home and trying to settle back in with parents while still maintaining some sense of independence and living at home as a young adult after the last 2 years of being on my own; starting a new job in the Deaf and hard of hearing community; dealing with all the fun long commutes to and from work; juggling uni, church all while being a semi long distance relationship (we’re in the same city) – it’s no wonder why I had barely any chance to write.

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A Christmas memory a day =) – December blog challenge

Xmas challenge

After scouring  the web for a worthy and realistic Christmas blogging challenge – one which I could actually do in 21 days, my results were a null.  There were in fact many artsy and creative ones like the 12 months of Christmas Link Up (crafters are one talented bunch) but nothing that really fit my alley. Till I pondered what would be the perfect Christmas challenge would entail.

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Animating Adventures

Some stop motion animation fun that I picked up at my JMC Academy time! Those people are soooo talented! =) Had so much playing with my colouring pencils and my toys on my parents colourful rug which doubled as a nice backdrop!

If you want to have a go yourself, download Stop Motion Studio app today available both on iOS and Android for some creative fun!  =).

Extremely Loud But Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud but incredibly close

Based off the book by Jonathan Safran Foer

Hey Unibookwormers!

Sorry for the radio silence for the last month and a half XD as the title suggests it’s been an extremely loud (busy) but incredibly close (to the finish line)! This weekend actually is my last ever official uni exam that I will have to study for life ^^ so so excited! I’ve been at uni for 6 years now and finishing at my 7th next year =)

Hehe already started googling which Harry Potter graduation gown (or robe I should say) that I want to keep. Purple of course 😉

So plans for celebration after this Tuesday?

Other than the usual Huxtaburger burger and chips celebratory dinner =D eeee can’t wait, blogging =D hehe seeing as my partner is away for the next 2 weeks, thought it would be awesome to finish posting my belated April A-Z challenge posts 😉 Plus it gives me bragging rights when he returns hehe.

While he was off holidaying, I was writing =)

#1. Always be kind

Always be kind

Cause in life you will come across some people for no rational reason is taking out their negativity on you even when it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

One of my guy colleagues asked me recently; how do I manage to work in a male dominated industry as a female and cope with all the incoming demands being in the customer service centred project role? And still remain smiley and optimistic? 😉

My answer. ❤ & Grace.

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