A Christmas memory a day =) – December blog challenge

Xmas challenge

After scouring  the web for a worthy and realistic Christmas blogging challenge – one which I could actually do in 21 days, my results were a null.  There were in fact many artsy and creative ones like the 12 months of Christmas Link Up (crafters are one talented bunch) but nothing that really fit my alley. Till I pondered what would be the perfect Christmas challenge would entail.

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Animating Adventures

Some stop motion animation fun that I picked up at my JMC Academy time! Those people are soooo talented! =) Had so much playing with my colouring pencils and my toys on my parents colourful rug which doubled as a nice backdrop!

If you want to have a go yourself, download Stop Motion Studio app today available both on iOS and Android for some creative fun!  =).

Extremely Loud But Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud but incredibly close

Based off the book by Jonathan Safran Foer

Hey Unibookwormers!

Sorry for the radio silence for the last month and a half XD as the title suggests it’s been an extremely loud (busy) but incredibly close (to the finish line)! This weekend actually is my last ever official uni exam that I will have to study for life ^^ so so excited! I’ve been at uni for 6 years now and finishing at my 7th next year =)

Hehe already started googling which Harry Potter graduation gown (or robe I should say) that I want to keep. Purple of course 😉

So plans for celebration after this Tuesday?

Other than the usual Huxtaburger burger and chips celebratory dinner =D eeee can’t wait, blogging =D hehe seeing as my partner is away for the next 2 weeks, thought it would be awesome to finish posting my belated April A-Z challenge posts 😉 Plus it gives me bragging rights when he returns hehe.

While he was off holidaying, I was writing =)

#1. Always be kind

Always be kind

Cause in life you will come across some people for no rational reason is taking out their negativity on you even when it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

One of my guy colleagues asked me recently; how do I manage to work in a male dominated industry as a female and cope with all the incoming demands being in the customer service centred project role? And still remain smiley and optimistic? 😉

My answer. ❤ & Grace.

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101 Questions… Book Launch Challenge #3

How to nail self confidence and vanquish self doubt like a boss in your 20’s! 😉

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Challenge #3 =) Oooh love this one! Brings back memories of high school and my early 20’s, the years of self discovery and finding self confidence 😉 And coming out of the 5 years of learning and growing, the nuggets (yes nuggets cause I’m feeling peckish right now) of wisdom I learnt are: The moment you stop worrying what other people think about you and let go of your inhibitions… You realise: 😉 That everyone else is figuring life as well. 😉 That people’s naysayers opinion of you really shouldn’t matter. In fact that became my sign that I was on the right track when people were telling me that I was crazy and reckless for even considering it 😉 😉 That no one can make you feel inferior or judged without your consent =) damn straight! And what that looks like? 😉 You take more chances fearlessly and leap with faith into the unknown. 😉 If the thought, I don’t think I can comes up, it means I definitely should do it 😉 😉 Comfort zone living no longer seems enticing, life of edge looks way more fun 😉 cause God is more concerned about our character growth than our comfort 😉 😉 You learn to love yourself not only for your strengths but your flaws and somehow make them into your greatest strengths. The end of my 5 years of self discovery has led me to become the every brave, witty, relentless, perseverant, courageous, funny, fearless, confident and kind person that I always wanted to be 😉 with God’s grace & love. 🙃🌈😉😎❤️ Trust me, if you nail self confidence and vanquish self doubt early on – you’ve already accomplished what people spend most of their lives trying to 😉 Go forth and be awesome! 🙃 P.S: My go to self confidence & love songs are Who Says by Selena Gomez & I’m Me by Us the Duo 🙃😉 Perfect songs to start any day =)

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101 Questions… Book Launch Challenge #2

Today’s thought provoking question…

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Challenge #2! And it’s an epic one ^^ Reading this reminded me of Secret #26 in @paulangone 101 Secrets for your Twenties, ‘Our imperfections, doubts and questions about faith don’t make us unfaithful freaks- they make us human.’ Stand out quote from the secret? ‘Why waste time with church if we all share a collective perfection?’ In true Paul Angone style, he also added the fact that it honestly felt like a problem-free parallel universe where everyone was so hyped up… [on coffee, donuts, light shows and Jesus] where there wasn’t a cloud, drop of rain or speck of pollution in the sky!’ Haha. In all seriousness though, he has a point. If church can’t be a place where we don’t have to act like we have it all together, where else can we go? After all, we all have issues, problems and questions- so maybe instead of hiding them, we should be intentional in sharing them 😉 And that’s what I decided to do ever since last year ^^. Sure it can be scary to be vulnerable. But people are not mind readers, if you don’t tell them you are struggling, they cannot help you 🙃 so I made the leap and couldn’t have moved out without my Youth Pastor and partners help! And now? As a church leader, I’m super intentional in sharing my struggles cause that builds a sense of trust, relability and authenticity. That I’m just like my group members, still learning and growing and looking for answers. There’s nothing like authenticity and transparency that gets even the most introverted members to share their struggles as they realise they’re not alone in this.😉 So be intentional in sharing your struggles, it builds relationships. It’s time to ditch the facade of perfection. 😎

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