Unibookworm is tutoring Economics!


So here’s a quick recap of my quirky tutor ad πŸ˜‰
*Please note that tutoring is only available at Deakin Burwood campus.

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How to fail exams…

It’s week 2 of exams and a Monday so I thought it was time for some exam comedy!

After all, it way too easy to get so bogged down with cramming for exams and forget to let loose a little πŸ˜‰
For those who have already had exams, hopefully this video be some light post-exam mortem hearted comedy for you. And for those who haven’t had exams yet and are extremely scared of failing and haven’t have time to read the 36 Deakin rules of doing exams… !) :O

So from me to you, I’ve completely revamped the Deakin 36 golden rules of exams to 17 sarcastic but hilarious ways to fail… So are you ready to learn on HOW NOT TO DO EXAMS??

University Survival Kit =)


Backpack image by Ring and Things 2015 & image designed by unibookworm using PicCollage 2015


With O’week over and T1 week 1 kicking off today- thought I’ll give my belated O’week pressie to new students!

Something to make the first weeks of uni less daunting. Something that will make your intro to uni life a breeze, instead of getting overloaded by TMI ( too much information), So from me to you… Here’s unibookworm’s uni survival kit! Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

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Secrets of Deakin IT

Deakin IT secrets

Image designed by Unibookworm using Paper by Team 53


You would think after being at Deakin for 2 years and tracking on the 3rd, I would have discovered everything that there is to know about Deakin. (*Well lets just glaze over the fact that I still haven’t made it to the Art Gallery yet- despite passing by it all the time!) But it just goes to show that I have yet scratched the surface of Deakin’s hidden secrets…

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Referencing 101


Ref 101

Image by Team 53 Paper and PicCollage 2015

Ah referencing. The major drag of doing assignments. You sometimes wonder why can’t the standard high school URL be accepted at uni. But that’s the life of academia at uni!

Referencing is usually worth 3-10 marks of assignments, and when you think about it, they’re really are simple marks up for grabs. Though somewhat time consuming. Especially when you used 30 odd references from images to journal articles to websites, it’s enough to do your head in! But here’s the secret to make referencingΒ as painless as possible…

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Deakin IT Headquarters

Deakin IT HQ

Image by PicCollage 2015 & Sketch app

One the most tricky things about setting into uni life is getting all the IT stuff sorted. But the problem is knowing what you actually need! Welcome to Deakin IT headquarters, where I’ve included the bare minimum checklist for all the tech stuff you’ll need for your time at Deakin πŸ˜‰ Click on the links for instructions on how to set it up & you’re good to go!

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Booking group study rooms 101

Group study rooms

Image by PicCollage 2014

Situation. You have a group assignment and need a quiet space to work. But you have no idea where. Welcome to booking group study rooms 101! Study rooms are well equipped with air con, power sockets, a computer TV and dare I say it- maybe a bit too super warm heaters πŸ˜‰ Read on for my easy step by step guide to book a study room at the library!

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Google scholar 101

One of the major skills to refine when at uni is knowing how to research effectively πŸ˜‰ For some, others prefer searching for journal articles via the Deakin Library databases website. But as for me, Google scholar does the job for me!

But hold the phone! What’s a journal article? A journal article is a research paper on a topic that’s been rigorously researched by scholars/academics and has been peer reviewed. In other words a research paper that is backed up by prior studies (academic). And these researchers actually conduct their own experiments to solve the question/topic!

So how do you go about finding these journal articles?

The Google scholar way is below πŸ˜‰

1. Go to Google scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar 2014

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