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I’m a history buff and would ask…

I'm a history buff and I would ask...


Welcome to my new Career Chat sub series! 😉 A few years ago, it all started with the idea to ask the greats who’s been there and done that, the secrets to success. Over time it kinda got put on a back bench cause I actually don’t know many entrepreneurs in real life. But after rewatching National Treasure over the weekend, it hit me – history has a plethora of people who changed the world from where they stood. So why not ask them; life’s hardest questions?

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Q & A with Matt Appling

Yes I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything, with May’s business of Mother’s Day, design portfolios, family gatherings and whatnot- it’s been hectic! But side fun fact, I actually started the draft of this post on 18 May and finally now it’s being published! Why? Because on average it takes at least 15 revisions/edited versions before it’s done and dusted to perfection 😉 So from me to you, enjoy!


Image supplied by Matt Appling 2015

Meet Matt Appling. Author of Life after Art. Blogger at the churchofnopeople blog. And art teacher by day!

Last year I bought Life after Art book and could not put it down once I started! Reading his book reminded me the importance to maintain the childhood wonder and excitement in living everyday and to create. As being a uni student, it’s so easy for us to be bogged down with uni work, volunteering, working and all other things while trying to land a full time job.

If you want to rediscover your former 5 year old self where everything was full of wonderment and enchantment, read on! =)


* I highly recommend reading Life after Art that’s now available on iBooks 😉

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101 Secrets for your 20’s


Image by Moody Publishers 2013

Having just turned 21 last week (which still hasn’t hit realisation yet) 😉 decided to share the book that made my 1st year of my twenties awesome!

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Q & A with Danny Rubin

Woohoo! 😉 after a few months of delay, the first career chat hub series has finally begun!)

Meet Danny Rubin, VP (Vice-President) of a PR company. And the creator & writer of News To Live By (career advice website for Gen Y!)


Image by Danny Rubin 2015

His epic blog is like a GPS when we are totally lost in the woods of job hunting. Danny has helped me countless of times from general career advice to nailing the perfect job application to even sharpening my own writing skills. His mantra is less words you write, the more sharper and powerful the message comes across 😉

So if you’re thinking of kick-starting a career in PR/Comms or just want to refine your job hunting skills, read on for Danny’s insiders guide!

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Career Chat Hub!

Career Chat Hub

Image by PicCollage 2015

Yes it’s been quiet in the Unibookworm front (side affect from a major assignment in the works- almost there!). But there is Unibookworm goodness on the way back for Feb! Till then I just wanted to share the exciting new blog series for 2015 😉

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Finding your motivation again…



Image by Paul Angone/ Allgroanup 2014

Being a uni student, it seems that we continually trudge through our 30th essay assignment/100th exam cramming/ snore worthy lecture. And we begin to wonder what brought us to uni in the first place. So how do we get our motivation back when it feels like we’re not sure where we’re going in life after uni??

Enter in Paul Angone’s Allgroanup website ( yep, the groan is spelt wrong on purpose!) it’s the golden grail for your 20’s! Check out the hilarious but totally relatable welcome Vlog if you don’t believe me 😉

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The 1st step in landing your dream job…


Image by NTLB 2014

Sick and tired of banging your head against the wall after what seems to be your 50th rejection email? Read the rest of this entry »