A Christmas memory a day =) – December blog challenge

Xmas challenge

After scouring  the web for a worthy and realistic Christmas blogging challenge – one which I could actually do in 21 days, my results were a null.  There were in fact many artsy and creative ones like the 12 months of Christmas Link Up (crafters are one talented bunch) but nothing that really fit my alley. Till I pondered what would be the perfect Christmas challenge would entail.

It would have to be something realistic and easy to do every day.  Oh, the number of times in April’s blogging A-Z challenge, where I found myself blogging backlogs! Cause it’s definitely tricky polishing a blog post a day. Which got me thinking – what if there was a blog challenge where you posted everyday but in any form you chose?

Instead of berating ourselves for missing a day of blogging, what if it was something as easy we could do on morning commute/coffee run?

The whole point of the Christmas blog challenge shouldn’t be about adding another thing to our hectic December To Do list. It should be a short time of reflection of what really matters to us and sharing it.

That’s why I’ve created – A Christmas memory a day: December blog challenge!

Xmas challenge

The rules are quite simple =)

😉 Post a Christmas memory a day up till Christmas Day (cause we should really be in the moment with our friends and family not on our tech!). It can be anything from a Christmas tradition you always do, your favourite Christmas recipes, movies and books you always watch/read in this holiday season or even charity work! Anything that sums up your memories of Christmas past and present =)

😉 And by Post – I mean not exclusive to WordPress blogging! Post anywhere on your other favourite socials like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Snapchat or even YouTubing/Vlogmas with the #xmasmemoriesblog18 and it counts as part of the challenge. You can post at one place or you can post it all! Ultimately it’s up to you how often you actually blog in the challenge as little or as much as you like.

If you want to you can post the social post on your blog – but not compulsory =)

How much easier and less stressful is that? After all we spend so much time with those socials, it’s super easy to drop a line of our favourite Christmas memories. In fact I’m doing my Dec 1-4 posts on Twitter with no regrets!

The whole point of the blogging challenge is to meet other fellow blogger friends and share what makes Christmas special to us. Happy blogging in whatever form suits you best =)

Can’t wait to hear your Christmas memories! 😉


QV Xmas Tree – 2018 Christmas memory


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