#2. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken

Be yourself everyone else is already taken

By Oscar Wilde

A few years ago (gosh I’m starting to feel my age haha), I saw that mug and my first instinct was – I got to have it! Since 2015, this faithful cute mug has kept me motivated and inspired every time I reach for my favourite mug of cereal while I’m at work 😉

Daily mug of uppage!

From a young age, one of my older cousins always told me to be myself when I would recount stories about high school friends and their weird insistence about not liking my quirky habits. Like carrying a lunch box or wearing a hat. Haha what great friends I had! (Sarcasm intended). Regardless what it was, my cousin always told me not to worry about it and do my own thing.

Granted I didn’t really take it to heart seriously cause at that age, the most important thing is about fitting in and not standing out. Sadly in my early 20’s, I still didn’t really get it either- still was pretty concerned about what people thought of me at church. The desire to fit and blend in regardless where you go is astounding.

Over time though eventually when I reached 22, somewhere along the way- I made an unconscious decision to just stop caring what people thought of me and to just be me. Cause if caring about what they thought of me actually hindered me from reaching my full potential- I didn’t want to be held back and miss those opportunities. And reaching that decision was liberating.

I came to the conclusion by asking myself:

Why should I be investing so much time caring about what naysayers think? When they themselves are figuring life out and are just as self-conscious to be really actually worrying about what I’m doing.

The moment I realised that- pure freedom bliss. Whatever self-conscious feelings I had, vanished. And my life has never been the same since then.

Nowadays I’m more of a fearless adventurous risk taker 😉 and if someone tells me no you couldn’t possibly do that, that’s a surefire sign that I’m on the right track.

Final point:

A lot of the times we can get so sidetracked in trying to do and say the right things in what everyone else thinks we should be doing that we forget that we’re all uniquely made. And life would be so boring if we all thought and liked the same things! You are you for reason and instead of toning it down, tone it up! The world deserves to know your passions and spiritual gifts 😉

There’s nothing more amazing than walking around in self-confidence fearless.

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