#1. Always be kind

Always be kind

Cause in life you will come across some people for no rational reason is taking out their negativity on you even when it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

One of my guy colleagues asked me recently; how do I manage to work in a male dominated industry as a female and cope with all the incoming demands being in the customer service centred project role? And still remain smiley and optimistic? 😉

My answer. ❤ & Grace.

I remember that it’s not personal, it’s just work. I can’t choose how people react when they’re having a bad day or in a bad mood. But I can choose how I react. And I choose love and grace and help them find a solution. That’s how I do it.

Same applies to my family members, we all have bad days. But love and grace? Always wins.

Rule of life: There’s always a lot more to that person’s story than them just being simply grumpy. It could be they’re struggling with family issues. Or they’re under a lot of stress from work. Or they didn’t get enough sleep. There’s a multitude of reasons why they could be acting out of character. But be kind and patient and you’ll be surprised when they actually open up to you and share what’s wrong and apologise 😉 (Believe me the number of times this happened is amazing!)

People are drawn to positive energy. So be that shining beam of light of kindness 😉

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Definition of kindness 

Be kind


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