New Year’s Resolutions – Part 2

2017 NYE

2017 one more time! 😉

5 out of 7 this time round 😉 (Of 2017 Resolutions)

#1. Start something new 😉

I sure did! Ended up becoming a GC leader @ City on a Hill, something I never saw coming, leading 20somethings in life. 😉 We even did a food pack run for the church’s Many Rooms ministry to in December 😉 food for the homeless.

#2. Get my Ps.

I’m now realising that Kodaline’s song, All my friends lyrics still reign true:

“You spend the first 5 years trying to get with the plan…”

To this I add, then life has other plans.

This one is postponed on the backburner till I actually need it for work/where I’m living. I’m blessed now to be somewhere where public transport is aces- no car needed!

#3. Reboot Unibookworm’s radio.

At the time when I first got started, it was when I was still experimenting with what worked for my blog and what attracted more readers. I now realise it’s purely writing about what inspires me. Not necessarily radio. 😉

That’s not to say it has no purpose – it does! It better suits my other blog JJ- Joy Journalist for my Christian podcasts 😉 And I’ve decided to be more realistic rather than ambitious with it- a podcast a month. Given it’s time consuming to write, record and edit 😉 Who knows? Maybe one day there’ll be a live JJ radio!

#4. Be more open to new experiences 😉

Well 2017 was everything like that, so score for Unibookworm!

#5. Health classes.

Heh. It was like a year long journey to get to 1 class. This is what happens when you live 10 mins from the city. While I didn’t get into it completely, I’ve been running again. Surprisingly that’s not where I got bitten, it was outside from my terrace of all places! Seriously mozzies, I’m up on level 7 – that’s a heck of a flight!

#6. Blog more on JJ 😉

Sure did! So many stories to come.

#7. Connect more with 20somethings!

Another ace in the hole! With my neighbour Eddie mostly, thanks for the terrace night chats and fighting ant wars with me! 😉 And of course my GC group 😉

And that’s a wrap on 2017! 😉

2018 NYE

#1. Get a new job in Project Management world!

It’s time to break back in the people, work and tech world. Enough said!

#2. Set a health routine that actually works.

Night runs.

Morning walks.

Possible health classes.

#3. More regular finance catch ups.

They really compiled too much last year… still have my December bag of receipts! XD I’m finding taking them to a cafe seems to do the trick- scan my weekly spending receipts while the food comes 😉

#4. Remember to maintain a straight posture.

And not crossing legs! Sadly in 2016, I had this down pat but went backwards in 2017 XD

#5. Not take people for granted.

Side flaw of being an INTJ, being focused on outcomes and productivity. Though I am getting better at it, always making time now to have weekly catch up with friends and mentors.

#6. Revamp my sleeping schedule.

Hmmm those night owlings days in 2017 were the best, but finding it’s not so much working out for my mornings. That and I really am not a fan of my current job makes it tricky to actually want to go to bed earlier. And since I live so close to work, I get up the bare minimum time and end up skipping breakfast XD, end up getting squished getting out of Parliament station and miss my morning meditations. Not the best I know.

Worst thing is that it’s really starting to impact on my moods (doesn’t help my current job is 0% stress and 100% frustration). Like I always like to say, if you don’t like something – it’s a sign that something needs to change!

I’m committed to make the change, really need those morning walks back to help with frustration 😉 It’s going to a challenge for sure seeing my biological prime time is 11pm-2am! Restored to setting go to bed alarms…


#7. Continue saving travel funds for my 2020 US celebratory trip & to visit my guy best friend 😉


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