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2017 Speak Now ;)

on December 30, 2017

Throwback to 2010 😉

One of my favourite Taylor Swift quotes from her Speak Now era is:

T Swift Quote 2010

… And it still resonates

Some context though of this post 😉

2016 was so my dream year. While 2017 has been a huge year of transitional change. Maybe it’s something to do with the 5 year mark. Cause the last time when I was went through so much change was in 2012 😉 that was the year that I discovered myself and learnt that I’m a lot braver and stronger that I ever thought I was. Fast forward 5 years to 2017, the same thing could be said.

Moving out of home, dealing with family stuff while simultaneously pulling together a major work Graduation event – all while my guy best friend is 11,358km away from here was one heck of a ride. Adding to the mix of uni (which I still miraculously managed to rack up HDs & Ds despite everything) and leaving my dream job (due to unforseen circumstances) and moving on to a new workplace (which has been less than stellar to be honest)- I’m now like it’s time for the next adventure.

On the flip side? I’m pretty much where I want to be besides career/physical health (although I did go for an evening run on Thursday! Success!

Apartment life: Check! All sorted and looks amazing ^^

Uni life: Check! Still rocking those HDs and Ds.

Work life balance: Check! No more late lunches and crazy night hours 😉

Social: Check! So incredibly lucky and blessed to have so many friends who are like family in my life who are always watching out for me 😉 Especially my parentchutes! (never mind they’re not my real parents 😉

Spiritual/church: Check! After like 5 years of waiting, praying and trying- I ended up a Gospel Community leader 😉 in a few months since I joined the church.

Writing: Check! My writing has never been better in this season of life. Have so many stories/inspiration for Unibookworm and JJ 😉

So new job? Exercise? In 2018? A total cinch!

If anything the new job has taught me that in life you always have to fight for what you want.

Sometimes silence speaks volumes. Coupled with direct action, that I’m leaving and taking all my skills and knowledge elsewhere. It’s a bold statement where action speaks so loud.

I would choose the above when there’s no other option possible (when a discussion won’t lead anywhere).

Other times you just have to be point blank and strong arm it with a Hail Mary (thanks Manny for the NFL lesson!). When you’ve repeatedly asked questions and you’re not getting any straight answers. This is when you pull your ace up your sleeve. All cards on the table. If they’re not going to fix it, you’re leaving.

Of course ideally, you would want to be able to talk to your manager and work on solutions when you have that relation- see this is why managers are meant to have weekly meetings with their employees, to work out work schedules and suss out any issues. So they don’t get a shock when it hits the almost 6 months mark!

Regardless though what option you do pick, remember to…

Direct the conversation to the problem and the solution rather than attacking the person. It’s hard I know. But if we master this skill set, we can deal with anyone 😉 This not only relates to work life but to any relationship- family, friends & significant others.

It’s better to go down this route, (unless you’re Harvey Specter from Suits are prepared to go gung-ho, all the way and burn the bridges), cause you never know when you might need to call favours from them. Build bridges. Don’t burn them.


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