Finders Keepers exploration =)

Going to any design market makes me realise how talented artsy people are 😉 The moment you embark into the Royal Exhibition building, you seriously have no idea where to look! The twinkling lights, the colours, the hustle and bustle of storekeepers and customers chit chatting against the backdrop of good food, really inspired me =)

Now although my whole intention was to head there for good food and not buy anything (I just go for writing inspiration and photo blogging), I actually didn’t end up sussing out the food (although I did get my delish cookies and cream ice cream!). Though that was kinda a given seeing as I ventured in the last hour of the market! I’ve been to so many that I generally don’t spend more than 1 hr and half there 😉 This time though, I was sidetracked by the market stalls 😉

Now while I did take some shots, it was kinda hard in the midst of the crowd (and not every stallholder likes getting photos, though that is strange in itself cause I’m practically giving them free promo!) But it is what it is 😉

Welcome to Finders Keepers!

Welcome to Finders Keepers!


Welcome, welcome!

Welcome, welcome! Step right up to get your tickets =)

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Kudos to insta, here are the stallholders that caught my eye…

1. McKean Studios 😉

The super talented Megan was the one who designed the super pretty and gorgeous event promo stuff. Naturally her stall was a super stand out 😉


So in awe of the scarf 😉 Xmas vibes!! It’s $135 almost as pricey as my Ralph Lauren scarf that my guy best friend got me during his June visit 😉 (he keeps doing that, surprising me in a good way =) even when I tell him he doesn’t need to! I rather he visited more (but that’s a story for another day- long distance friendship ❤


2. Bespoke Letterpress

Super sophisticated works alert!


3. Love Mae Studio 😉

Oddly enough was wondering if they were around and suddenly the stall appeared right before my eyes! Magical. Took that as a sign to purchase one of these… (it caught my eye last year 😉


4. K is for Kani 😉

A little in awe of Connie Cao’s talents! (well actually I’m awestruck!) Her stall was truly eye catching with so many colourful flowers (headbands) I felt like I was at a florist! Stunning as they were didn’t end up buying any (that and I have way too many headbands!)

P.S I realised I missed out on a delicious mushroom cheese toastie from Toasta and other food trucks on the tram ride home when I actually consulted my map hehe. Well till the next one! Big Design Market in December =)


And that’s a wrap!


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