Week 2: Self compassion- Kindness Challenge

Self compassion

Yes I know, the point of the Kindness challenge is to focus on a different prompt every week! But with uni exam prep, blogging didn’t really happen. Although I did subconsciously focus on the challenge prompts anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰ so it counts!

During the month of May, it was the time to hunker down and prep my law exam notes =p it was an open book exam, thank goodness! After everything I had been through in the past 6 months, last thing I wanted to do was commit academics to memory! By the weekend after a busy week of work and study after work- I was completely knackered.

I would rest into like late afternoon like 2pm on weekends before getting up. The downside of doing that was I didn’t have much of a day but I had a night! Although I initially berated myself for getting up late and most the day was already gone- I then realised it didn’t really matter when I did my study. As long as it was done. So what I was studying at 11pm till the early am? It worked and got the job done!

That’s when I realised- although work wise, you have to work 9am-5:30pm and don’t get to choose your most productive hours. But weekends you can =) There’s a lot of focus nowdays on working anywhere and anytime- for work to revolve around our lifestyles. So why not study too?

Another thing I struggled with was procrasination- somedays it was hard to focus in my apartment. To combat that, I went outside to study- the library, cafes & ย restaurants. And the most amazing thing? Once I was away from my apartment and the wifi (YouTube streaming anyone?)- productivity went off the scale!

The funny about all of this was I realised if a friend was going through the same thing, I would have given them the advice to do the above ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sometimes I forget I give good advice and I should give some to myself =) Which brings me to my next point- self kindness begins with self-love and compassion =) something that I’ll continue working as a top priority!

Till tomorrow =)


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