#18. Rest and relax in your neighbourhood

Rest and relax

Lets face it, moving out can be a very tiring and draining experience but at the same time exciting! So if you can take time off from work or study or both do it!

My workplace was pretty awesome in letting me take a week off to settle in while there was a big event fast approaching =D I remember my first night in my apartment so well πŸ˜‰

First stop, Coles for cleaning products! Basically spent the first day cleaning everything hehe and enjoying the balcony terrace. The lights are sooooo pretty and hey they were playing The Lion King at the rooftop cinema which was awesome πŸ˜‰

Even though I only had 5 days at my place before going off to work, I already made a list of places that I had to have some R &R time in! And did some before going back (except the gallery) The library (so quaint!), the awesome Art gallery, the cinema and ooooh the food places! =D So much good food.

I love my new neighbourhood to bits, such a happy place =)

Whatever floats your boat, take time and chill and be a local!


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