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#10. Jar and cans opening secrets ;)

on April 12, 2017

Caramel jar

Living on your own means when it comes to jars and cans you’re on ya own. Jars that are stubborn to open (no I need my caramel fix!) and those that dreaded cans that require finger pulling that borderlines on dangerous when attempted wrongly.

You yank and yank when it’s stuck and next thing you know bloody fingers 😱

The secret?

Chopsticks! Stick one chopstick like so:

Can and chopstick

And use it as a lever to open the lid πŸ˜‰
Simples. Food with the first aid kit πŸ˜‰

And jars, get a spoon at tap all around the lid quite hard and twist the jar πŸ˜‰ magic! Tapping expels the pressure making an easier opening =)


2 responses to “#10. Jar and cans opening secrets ;)

  1. jrose88 says:

    Once I got two gallons of juice from Costco and both were impossible to open, I got a friction burn on my hand from trying. Then I tried opening it with a rubber mitt, but that didn’t work. Eventually I jammed the worm of a corkscrew up under the edge of the lid and twisted it up to the top in a couple places until I could just pull the whole thing off. And I bent the corkscrew doing it, lol.


    • unibookworm says:

      Eek! I think we’ve all been there before with friction burn XD, it’s the worst! Usually it goes, hand, towel then spoon then frustration haha. Glad the corkscrew solved the problem =) They should really make jars easier to open though!

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