#9. Innovate in minimalist spaces

Innovate in minamilist spaces

When it comes to minimalist spaces, the le thinking cap of innovation is your best friend. Whether it’s figuring out how to fit all your clothes from a bedroom double wardrobe to a single skinny one. Or how to wash dishes in a single sink without another for a drying rack. Or how to close a stubborn mini fridge door. Innovative design thinking comes to the rescue!

So how does innovation work when you don’t have a solution in mind? Cue design thinking. Asking the how questions instead of the what solution.

So that’s what I did =)

#1. How might I get a good nights rest of my mattress when I can feel the springs? [Mattress was new mind you and had no issues for 3 days when I moved in]
Pilot 1: Mattress topper (which wasn’t enough on its own)

Pilot 2: Mattress topper with pillows =)


#2. How might I fit all my clothes in the minimalist space?
I assessed the current resources: closet and bed drawers.

But ah, there’s space parrallel to the bed!

Perfect for mini storage buckets and tada πŸ˜‰

#3. How might I wash dishes without a second sink for the drying rack?

Well I could fit the dish rack next to the sink [there was a small space between the stove and sink] but I needed something to hold the water.
Solution: a longish tray with indention to keep the water in =)



#4. How might I fix my mini fridge door not closing properly?

Pilot #1: Keep legs pushed against it while cooking. Kinda worked but wasn’t strong enough to make the seal stick.

Pilot #2: Hmm I need something heavy to push against the door. Oooh what’s that? Ah a heavy box storage from my colleague!



So there you have it, innovation in motion =) it doesn’t have to be big like the iPhone. It’s creating simple solutions that make our daily lives easier πŸ˜‰ After all that’s what innovation is for!

If you would like to learn more about Design Thinking, I highly recommend The Creative Confidence =)


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