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#8. Hot water bottle magic

on April 10, 2017

Hot water bottle

Gone are the days of leaking heatpacks whenever I have a tummy bug or whatnot 😉 That and they are a massive pain to clean up when they mysteriously explode on carpet 😱 Just see the proof below!

So it was about time I moved onto hot water bottles! Where instead of boiling water in a pot then lowering my heat pack only to find in the end it exploded, a kettle is all I need.

Although I was slightly apprenhensive in using it for the first time with the thoughts of- what happens if it leaks? Surely it would burn like crazy. Or what if I burn myself while pouring the water in? 

Turns out I was apprenhensive for no reason, used it last night with no troubles at all! Thanks to these failproof steps 😉

#1. Turn the kettle on with water filled up to it’s max level and boil away! If you have one of those tech savvy ones with the temperature settings, put it to 30 degrees.

#2. If not, after the water boils- open the kettle lid and let it cool for 1.5-2 hrs. As the hot water bottle pack can’t withstand water hotter than 42 degrees, so the water has to cool down heaps 😉 A good test is if you can keep your finger on the kettle for more than 5 seconds and can still feel a comfortable warm- it’s ready to pour!

#3. Get an empty pot for your hot water bottle for your pouring station.

The secret to not burning yourself? Stand the bottle straight with one hand holding the bottle neck (lid off obviously) and the kettle in the other- pour away gently.

Only fill to 1/2 full, as the water will move 😉 when it lies flat!. Check that nothing is leaking at the bottom and screw the lid tight.

Another double check if nothing is leaking by turning the bottle in a pouring motion.

#4. If there’s nothing, it’s good to go in either a small pillow case or towel 😉 I go for the pillow case cause for double protection from burning myself =)

Voila! A hot water bottle to chase the blues away 😉


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