#5. Edit your old details for your apps and services

#5. Update your old details

Charles Shulz

One of the rookie mistakes I made was not checking whether my old mobile number was tied to any of the apps/services I use every day. And what do you know? It was linked to my WordPress account 😅.

Which means I can’t change the mobile number tied to it, meaning my forever logged in iPad is my only avenue for me to blog daily. I can’t seem to find the emergency lock out codes that I got so I have nothing to go on with. If anyone has any ideas let me know!

But onto the tip: first thing to do when moving out, make a list of services/places that would need to know.

If you’re in Australia it would look something like this…

Moving out checklist

Typo planning is my fave pastime 😉

And the government has a pretty good nifty checklist too 😉

Happy moving!


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