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#4. Delegate what you can 

on April 5, 2017

Flinders Europe

When you’re a uni student with a limited budget of moving out without a car (a story I’ll remember for years to come), the luxury of appointing a chauffeur and moving co to manage everything is completely out of the question. So you be resourceful. Delegate!

I can’t thank my fellow work friends and relatives for being super awesome 😉

All sorts of spare new apartment stuff essentials like kitchenware, laundry goods, mugs made their way to me. Saving me much needed funds to my moving out adventure. All because I asked if anyone had spare stuff lying around at their place.

No car? I relied on the good grace of colleagues and friends to drop me off with my apartment stuff. Don’t worry, I repaid their kindness with Christmas gifts 😉

Moving co was comprised of the lovely supportive people I had in my life to make this happen!

Apartment hunt advice? Well being the youngest member of the organisation, I was surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and experience of people who had been there and done that.

Bottom line? You’re not alone in this moving business! Just ask! 😉


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