#3. Cook adventurously!

Cook adventurously

I used to be a follow the recipe kind of cook but now days, I find I’m more intuitive πŸ˜‰ It all comes down to watching Masterchef Australia for almost a decade! Now I’m a super fan of mystery boxes.

When I first started watching Masterchef, I was 15- and always thought I would follow Heston Blumenthal’s lead is pre prepping meals to make weekday cooking easier. But now that I moved out, I actually find I cook better when I don’t meal plan. I just have all the ingredients and open up the fridge every night and set a mystery box challenge!

And with it comes exploration of new ingredients and techniques I never used before. Parsley has become a great favourite staple of mind to go with salad, chicken even fish! Never butchered a chicken or cooked fish like basa before but now I know πŸ˜‰

Unibookworm foodie

So cook! Be adventurous! Try new ingredients and flavours you never have before πŸ˜‰ it’s delicious, economical and more fun to create your own dishes every night!

P.S. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out great the first time. Cooking is just experimental! I know my first attempt at fish cakes and pancakes weren’t that great. They were so flourly XD. But I’m going to try again. Perseverance will prevail.


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