#2. Be brave

Be brave

When we leave the place we grew up in- it comes with mixed emotions. Excitement of what is yet to come. Nervousness in branching out on your very own for the first time ever. Happiness with the beckoning freedom at the horizon.

And of course nostalgia.

While we all hope that we get the perfect ideal send off from our family and friends as we set off to our new adventure. Sometimes it’s not always the case.

It takes bravery to take a stand when things at home have become unsettled. When for like the thousandth time the same issues arise without a solution in the hindsight. When you’ve done absolutely everything you possibly could to fix things to make it work. And things aren’t getting better, despite all the conversations you’ve had.

Somewhere along the line, the financial benefits of staying outweigh the negative atmosphere. The moment you decide to go.

That’s being fearless. To decide to move out even without a super solid plan of how it’s all going to work out. You jump anyway.

Just know you are braver and stronger than you ever thought possible. Cause you are. And that everything always works out in the end. When you get there you’ll know it =)

Friends who supported me in this major life transition viewed what I did was brave. But I didn’t see it. I guess that I thought it was braver to choose to stay even after everything.

Now though? I’ve reached 4 months of being on my own and have been in so many life situations I’ve never imagined being in. And I realised- if that’s not being brave, I don’t know what is ;)*

My move was like a stealthy ninja shield mission moving across 4 different locations without a car (that’s totally crazy how I managed to move my stuff, just look at my backpacks!), doing a major work event, all while getting settled in being on my own- food logistics and all πŸ˜‰ It’s no surprise I’m exhausted! Hence April holiday this week!

*I would never advocate leaving home as a first port of call, try your best to work things out- there’s a difference between normal family stuff and the point of no return. Now that I’m settled on my own, I’m in a happier and better place πŸ˜‰ mix of Paris and New York!


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