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2017 New Year Resolutions

on January 8, 2017

Brand new beginnings

So 2016 is done and dusted. And the big question… Did Unibookworm ace all the resolutions? 😉

2016 Review
6 out of 7 done! 😉

#1. One that leads to better health- stopped slouching =D

#2. Delayed for ages but really needed to do aces- getting P’s (nope, 2017 is the year but I did try 3 times! Long story. In short expensively funny to what on earth to oh it just wasn’t meant to be). But seeing as I did move out- pretty sure my parents are going to discard my high school relics.

#3. Think of all the places we could be- yes! Made it to places always wanted to. Live life with no regrets!

#4. Learnt something new- fell short of learning Auslan (sign language) and different ways to say hello for Unibookworm radio. But… I did learn how to song write!

#5. Breaking bad- habits 😉 farewelled crossing leg (not good for back posture!)

#6. New blogging places exploration- ventured off to A-Z April blogging challenge, Movie Addicts Union and the 6 word story challenge.

#7. Unlocked my childhood hobby of fiction writing- and published a comedy Valentine’s Day short story 😉

2016 was the pinnacle year-the every bit witty, intelligent, brave, courageous, confident, relentless and fearless that we all dream to be.

2017 Resolutions

So 2017 plans?

#1. Start something new 😉 the time is now to do something different in church ministry! Not sure what it is, but it’ll sure be one amazing adventure 😉

#2. Get my P’s!

Snoopy driving

#3. Reboot Unibookworm radio, gosh I missed you!

#4. Be more open to new experiences even if it’s into the unknown – would so love to record song covers on SoundCloud 😉

Venturing unknown

#5. Join all those awesome health classes at Federation Square- Tai Chi, meditation and others, it’s all about balanced good health!

#6. Blog more on Joy Journalist! So many good stories to share 😉


#7. Connect more with 20somethings =) cause life is better with company through every up and down of life!

Happy New Year fellow bloggers!!! 😉☀️❄️🎆🌈⭐️😎


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