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3 Day Quote Challenge- Day #1

on October 28, 2016



A while back, the lovely Pooja @ Lifesfinewhine nominated me for the 3 Quotes a Day challenge 😉 Now that it’s the long weekend (to the Melbourne Cup) ready for 3 days of uppage?

Stumbled across the quintessential 20 something uppage quotes at the most random place ever. Dymocks at Collins Place! A bookstore =)

The Challenge rules 😉
• 3 quotes for 3 days! (In any form or shape, I just like creating Typoramas)
• 3 new nominees to be nominated and let them know 😉
• Thank the person who nominated you

My nominees are…
Vincent Carlos
Gal Hanukaev @ TheHeartWay
Jay Colby


My 3 Quotes 😉

What life is

Photo from 5 Plus Facebook


Slow down

Photo from Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance @rayofmelbourne


Create yourself


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