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Unibookworm Youth United

on October 1, 2016
Youth United

Image by Try Booking 2016

Final last quarter of the year =O! In true Unibookworm style, making the final dashes to check everything off the list! From backlog posts (ahem Melbourne’s gallery finally went up yesterday, well better late than never) to guest posting for Seeds4Life, it’s coming it really is! Promise. To 2016 goals like getting my licence and finally clearing up my way back when chemistry books. And to start my list, it’s my annual Unibookworm fundraiser 😉

Yes you guessed it- I’m fundraising to create futures for the youth…

In a nutshell 😉

Edmund Le quote

Found somewhere in Google!


For some, that’s not possible.

The ones without a roof over their heads, warm food and a place to call home.
The ones who don’t get the same opportunities as we do.
The ones who need help but don’t know where to go.
Today, lets unite together to restore hope and grace to help them find their way in life 😉
Youth United

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For the youth of today to become the dreamers, doers, believers and thinkers of the future.

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