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Dashing through August 

on August 15, 2016

Dashing through August

Well it’s been an interesting start to August with getting wisdom teeth surgery done and knocking a week off with bed rest 😉 But as you know my mind loves to wonder, so it was really a challenge of not being able to do anything productive at all! So naturally I was stoked that on Thursday my energy levels were up to return to blogging =D Top 5 of course!


#1. Two words of advice you rarely hear.

Thought provoking words to live by 😉

Be useful

From Two words advice you rarely hear 2016


Kinda lives by Benjamin Franklin’s morning and night motto. What good shall I do this day? What good have I done today?


#2. Are you a freelancer or entrepreneur?

I gotta confess, I actually didn’t know the difference before reading this article. In fact, I thought freelancer literally meant you worked for free doing something you loved!

In short a freelancer and an entrepreneur is not the same.

A freelancer- gets hired to do your specialist spin.
An entrepreneur- aims to create an organisation of their dreams 😉

See the difference? So are you a freelancer or entrepreneur at heart? (The latter for me!)

Freelance or entrepreneur?

Article by Seth Godin, Artwork designed by Unibookworm


#3. Do you take yourself seriously?

Life before Cooper Review was seemingly dull 😉 And now? It’s like a never-ending reel of comedy =D from careers, relationships to just life in general, Sarah covers it all!

But today’s cover isn’t a comedy spiel, it’s thought provoking 😉 That when you have an idea that you are truly passionate about, you owe it to yourself to do it! We only have one life, and it’s our duty to live to its fullest potential 😉


#4. The 43 website aces!

No longer is university the only place where you learn. It’s only the beginning and being a unibookworm, these 43 aces are a dream!

43 websites

Designed and created by Bibblio 2016


#5. The Secret to meet your deadlines 😉

Meet your deadlines

Article by Stever Robbins, Artwork designed by Unibookworm

There’s a reason why I’m crowning 2016 the year of productivity and working smarter and strategically 😉 This one’s a little different with a quirk- it’s in Mastercheffy food terms!


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