Why I started writing fiction again…

Why I started writing ficiton again

Before life without Wattpad, I was contemplating about the idea of writing short stories fiction again. Every time I’ve had a great story idea, I would get super excited then hit a wall and never pick it up again. Kinda surreal seeing how in early high school days, I absolutely loved and relished in writing stories to no end. But somewhere along the way, the joy of writing stories got lost in translation.

Whether it was putting down the pen or pencil in frustration that it’s been done and done a million times already. Or simply reluctance to believe that I had stories worth telling. Where somewhere on the way it would be disregarded again. So why even bother right?

Every writers dilemma at some point.

Last Christmas*, I rediscovered the pure bliss of writing fiction again. It happened so subtly, that I didn’t even realise that fiction had found its way back on my notebook (well smartphone notes, but same difference!).

It all started with Miranda Dickinson’s Anna Browne’s Surprising Christmas Party special short story. I’m a huge fan of all her books since 2012 and was super excited to be reading a story that had all my favourite characters from Rosie and Ed in A fairytale in New York, Harri and Alex, Welcome to my world and of course Rom and her fellow Pinstripes band in It started with a kiss! Book reviews to come 😉

Every so often like clockwork, Miranda would upload a new chapter of her story. Until the cliffhanger. Shamelessly I was checking every day to see when it was updated cause I wanted to know what happened next. It was excruciating! Christmas Eve still nada.

Eventually I got tired of waiting and went off on a tangent and wrote what I thought/ wanted to happen next. And the bliss of writing my own stories came flooding back 😉 Fast forward to January, I read Better off friends? By Elizabeth Eulberg. Which the author linked to Wattpad, and lo and behold I was writing fiction and publishing!

And of course, in the end Miranda Dickinson did finish her short story and publish the full short story pdf 😉 No covers this time, so designed one for her! Read up to pg 24 and that’s where the cliff hanger of my short story begins!

Anna Browne’s Surprising Christmas Party by Miranda Dickinson

Image from Modern Moms & Cover designed by Unibookworm


Here’s my short story ending to what happened to Wren & D’wayne! Ending for Harri and Al to come soon! Don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging till Christmas, promise 😉

Xmas story what hapoens next...


So yes it can be frustrating when you feel like the stories you write have already been done over many times. But maybe all it takes is a hiatus (could be mini for you but it was so long for me) and it’ll come back to you. Sometimes getting ideas are the easy bit, it’s sticking to it the harder bit.

Secret to overcoming it? Is to write about something you care about. You’re passionate about. What you want to read. What you enjoy reading. Admittedly maybe in some form or another it’s been done so many times, but it wasn’t done by you. It doesn’t have your imagination, your thoughts and voice. As Elizabeth Gilbert said…


Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert

Pure genius!

Won’t you share your story today?

* Yes I’m quoting the song from Wham! Guess I’m more of a songwriter than I thought! Actually did write a song this year inspired by Music & Lyrics, the continuation of their unfinished song 😉 Let me know what you think!


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