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Unibookworm turns 2! =)

on June 27, 2016

To my awesome Unibookworm readers,

Thank you so much for your unwavering support since the beginning of my blogging journey! 😉 On June 21, Unibookworm officially is now 2 years old!


Unibookworm's Google Doodle

Unibookworm’s Google Doodle =) How seriously talented is Google?!


Granted the blog has gone above and beyond of what I could ever imagine. It first started small with uni tips and tricks but then blossomed to uppage corner of inspiration, stories, foodies and all things that makes Melbourne life magical 😉

Along the way, I’ve joined blogging challenges from A-Z April blogging to Shoe on the Moon, Movie Addicts Union and connected with so many talented fellow bloggers 😉 hope you’ve all enjoyed my posts as much as I have enjoyed yours!

Keep writing, smiling and sharing your stories,
Onwards and upwards to an incredible 3rd year!

P.S Exciting times are ahead, Christmas Wonderland and BIG NEWS FOR JULY! 😉


2 responses to “Unibookworm turns 2! =)

  1. avathenerd says:

    Hey! I just wanted to say that your site is very pretty!! And your posts are really nice. Keep up the great work.

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