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Belated June Welcome Top 5

on June 11, 2016



Sorry June, you get a belated welcome. And the fact that you’re my least favourite month of the year had aboslutely nothing to do with it 😉

 1. The future of workplaces in 5 charts

Oh Sarah from Cooper Review, what did we do without your blog frivolity? 😉 Share this with your colleagues in a sneaky instant message and you’ll hear laughter across the hallway to the end of the building! 😉

My personal favourite is…



And many more hilarious charts 😉


2. We can’t rest our laurels anymore… even if we’re in a job

Like the British term? Courtesy of Stephen, last year’s Masterchef favourite contestant 😉 So quaint! But seriously, we can’t be lulled in a false sense of security anymore, we need to be continually learning, growing and upskilling and keeping up to date with industry and job markets 😉


 3. The dream Sweden 6 hour workday!



Living the dream in Sweden, you’ll see the scenic views galore before this glittering city lights!


School days were only 6 hours. So it any wonder why our body clocks around 10:30am, 12:30pm- it’s morning tea and lunch and 3pm is where productivity ships sails? After 13 years of working on to a 9-3 clock, it’s pretty hard to shift to 9-5 mindset.

Which is probably the reasoning behind Sweden’s 6 hour work day 😉 Remember how much work you achieved in school over the short span of time? Producitvity doesn’t equal the number hours you work, it’s working at the peak time where you work best. Studies found that not only productivity scaled the charts, creativity and profit went through the roof!

Why? Simply because the work life balance was there (hello more family/significant other/ friends socialisation and hobby time!) coupled with the fact that people jump on the bandwagon of getting work done rather than faffing around.

After all, realistically our time at work as Cooper Review so eloquently points out above:


4. Life begins after 5:30pm 😉

Escape time! The first time I heard the phrase, I found it startingly hilarious 😉 Until I thought about finishing the line… Escape time to…
Read more good books to inspire you

Try out new hobbies (coffee latte art anyone?)

Discover your hidden potential- blogging, designing, writing, songwriting, baking, cooking
And everything else!

There’s time to chillax with TV, netflix, gaming, social media and all that- but to embrace the Secret Life of Walter Mitty to truly live and be happy we got to…


Life begins


5. Masterchef shoutout from Con Masterchef

Absolutely shattered when Con was eliminated from this years Masterchef, one of my favourite contestants rooting for the win! Especially when he had so so so many elegant, sophisticated and classy dishes in his repretoire.

Left a nice supporting message on insta and he responded! Thanks Con! Can’t wait to visit the cafe and try all the incredible looking dishes!!




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