Farewell May Top 5!

Farewell May

Best discovery this year? Pocket’s recommended articles feed! All articles based off from other links ypu saved πŸ˜‰ May’s been interesting reads about productivity (one of my absolute favourite words this year!) and how score more time of the day (it’s all about being strategic) ! Less work, more life!


1. Are you a genuine person or have you met one?


Integrity quote


If so, count yourself as incredibly blessed to have had the chance to meet genuine people. Even better if they’re your friend!


2. Funny sticky notes about adulthood, funny but true πŸ˜‰


The future of Face Time

Credit goes to Chaz Hutton

*Heads up, sone colourful language is present!


3. What type of thinker are you?


the thinkers

Image by Play Buzz 2015


Ever wondered if you had Sherlock’s smart analytical logical thinking or Picasso’s artistic talent? Take the fun quiz to figure out what careers would suit you! Secret to finding the perfect job? Figuring out where your expertise and specialties lie, and watch yourself flourish away!


4. How to be more productive in 44 ways!

Best info graphic ever, I have it pinned up on my desk!


44 ways to be more productive

Image by Best STL


5. Wherever I go by One Republic

So stoked about their upcoming new album, it’s been a long time coming! Till then to ride us over, check out their new single πŸ˜‰ first thoughts wasn’t really into it but it grows on you!


Farewell! Auf WiedersehenΒ May! Onwards and upwards to June, exam crunch time πŸ˜“ how did the mid year creep up so fast?!


2 thoughts on “Farewell May Top 5!

    • unibookworm says:

      Aw thanks Alicia! Just one uni exam πŸ˜‰ not as regular as high school. i’ve been in the loop with your posts- quite a few exams! Everything that you’re doing now will be soooo worth it, uni life is definitely much more chillaxed than high school! And you’re doing something you <3.

      You're so sweet πŸ˜‰ love all your recent posts too, and yass! Ryan Tedder is incredibly talented!


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