Top 5 before May Day ends!

May Day

The best Grill’d in Melbourne

Like what I did there? πŸ˜‰ It’s been an awesome former former week of newbies for the Top 5! Avocado rose art, it’s true- a real art that you can do at home that looks absolute pro. 11 Secret talents that introverts don’t even know they have πŸ˜‰ How to make a snappy resume in 5 minutes, no lie. And drumroll please, how to please please stop procrastinating.


1. Avocado rose in action!


2. 11 Talents Introverts Don’t Realize They Have
See being an introvert isn’t such a bad thing after all! Unless you’re a real pro, an ambivert (extrovert and introvert depending on the situation πŸ˜‰


3. The 5 or 5:30pm work life saver

Yes I know, it’s the end of the day. You’ve chugged your last coffee in hopes that the caffeine will keep you buzzing just a little longer till home time. Energy levels are down low and you’re just counting the minutes before home time. After all it’s the end of the day, and everyone knows productivity has sailed ship by 3:30pm.

But here’s what to do in your last hour or even 30 mins of work featured in….




I’ve found the emails/schedule meetings, thought dumps into Asana and tidying up my office to be a life saver πŸ˜‰ Cause next morning when I stroll in, I’m all good to go pick up from where I left off. No need to organise or go fishing for things! And all that admin jazz, all out of sight for a brand new day πŸ˜‰


4. How to stop procrastinating

I’ll let the cartoons do the talking! All thanks to the ridiculously talented Tim Urban on Waitbutwhy blog πŸ˜‰



In short secret to stop procrastinating? Forgive yourself and do the T10 trick (10 minutes of uninterrupted focus on doing the task) and once the time is up, you’ll be in the zone.


5. Why smart people have no friendsΒ 

Sounds like Sherlock eh? But Stephen Bunch hits the nail on the head when he says, I think the smarter you are, the more you can predict based on previous outcomes…These skills are great for producing value in the world, but they can be detrimental when building friendships.

In short, change your expectations and be surprised by the things that actually matter πŸ˜‰

And bonus of the day, create your dream resume that’s absolute pro and free using Ladders (American HR recruitment agency)! Check out their awesome blog while your there πŸ˜‰ It’s 2016, the year of short, sweet and snappy!


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