April Musings 

Autumn April musings


Just like that the 4th month of the year has gone already! Autumn leaves falling in colours of red, pink, yellow, orange and of course brown in every shape and size 😉

1. Someone you like by Dove Cameron & Ryan

The most adorable Disney couple has got engaged! Ah yes they are so young, 20 & 22- long live the Romeo & Juliet legacy =) They do everything together from acting as girlfriend and boyfriend on Liv and Maddie, singing as a duo on Girl and the Dreamcatcher and chilling on You Tube. And just when you thought they couldn’t get any more adorable, they released the sweetest song- Someone you like 😉 Perfect melodies blended together. Kinda like Music and Lyrics Sophie and Alex.




2. E is for Eli

The most adorable meet cute story that I’ve read on WordPress…


3. The best wedges in Melbourne!

Seriously the best I have ever tasted. Believe me I have tried them all from Mercure Treasury Gardens super crispy ones bordering on burnt to Mrs Fields crispy and crunchy to ones drowned in oil that all the fluffiness is gone. Seems to be most places think wedges are potatoes cut in quarters and deep fried. That is until I remember to pull them out.



Melbourne’s best ever wedges with sour cream!


But Tank? Nailed the true definition of wedges. Cooked to perfection with crispy on the outside, fluffiness bliss inside seasoned with herbs and salt. Delectable with sour cream with hot pockets of potatoes with every bite. That is what wedges are 😉


4. 20something problems

What we face today is totally different from what our parents and grandparents did. Can’t say it any better than…


Yes the struggle is real. We all have moments when we don’t want to get out of bed. Yet we are not alone in this!

The mastermind behind this? Samantha Jayne, freelance art director for MullenLowe in Los Angeles in her mid 20’s! Not only that! She’s an actress as well and wrote and acted the script videos 😉 Check out her book promo 😉


5. Planners vs Doers


Planners vs Doers


If I had to sum up project management in a nutshell that would be if 😉 A great read of planning vs doing and what we can learn from both sides (yes that’s right not just doers from us planners, but us too from doers!)

Cause nothing ain’t going to happen no matter how pretty it looks on paper if it’s never made in reality 😉

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