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Y is Yellow Mustard Seeds – Day 25

on April 29, 2016
mustard seeds

Image by Style Craze


Yes I know I’m slightly being cheeky. But really, yams? I don’t have much to say about them. Mustard seeds on the other hand, plenty. Although I never would have tried them until…

Potato salad with egg. All time favourite salad. But oh! What are those seeded things?? Owner of the cafe smiles and says, they’re mustard seeds and they ain’t spicy! And the rest is history.

Mustard seeds are an incredible versatile spice. Adding different flavour dimensions to everything. Cappelitti with burnt butter sauce drowned in mustard seeds. Delicious. Mushrooms just in tomato sauce or just plain ol oregano. Nope. Toss in mustard seeds and they completely elevate the taste! Omelette with tuna? Sprinkle mustard seeds an explosion of flavour is at your taste palette.

Unibookworm secret to adding mustard seeds to anything?
Spoon out a small teaspoons of mustard seeds in a small bowl and fill a little water. Stir around to lossen the seeds and toss it in the pan. Burnt mustard seeds? No longer a problem.

You may have noticed that today is all about flavour and cooking techniques… Which only means one thing. Masterchef Australia is coming this Sunday!!!

May the best cook win πŸ˜‰



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