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R is for Radish – Day 18

on April 21, 2016

The arrival of Masterchef Australia changed everything in the cooking landscape. From the equipment, once those blow torches were out for creme brûlées- Bunnings went AWOL to the world’s most expensive mushroom- oh those truffles to vegetables that we probably would have never given a second glance 😉 Radishes for one.

The name itself is so intriguing and fun to say! What I noticed about radishes was the adding to any dish particularly salad elevates the dish to whole other level. There’s just something about those perfect spheres that adds a sense of elegance and sophistication to whatever you’re making.

Turns out radishes go beyond just looking pretty, they filled with hidden goodness!



Fun fact of the day =) comes in red (Masterchef icon!), white, purple & black eaten raw, cooked or pickled.

Move over carrots, the new age of the root veg has come 😉


2 responses to “R is for Radish – Day 18

  1. pempispalace says:

    Well this is all wonderful news as I bought a packet of radish seeds the other day with the determination that this year I will make a vegetable plot in my garden and begin to grow some vegetables! Your blog post has made me realise I might have picked the very best thing to start growing!! Very pleased I came across your blog through the A-Z Challenge 🙂
    Stormy’s Sidekicks
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace


    • unibookworm says:

      oh wow! that’s an amazing coincidence Pempi! 😉 that sounds incredible growing your own veggie garden! can’t wait to see photos of your blooming radishes =D and I was too surprised how nutrituous they were. Thanks for swinging by for the A-Z challenge. Enjoy the last final days!


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