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Hello April!

on April 12, 2016
purple sky

Pretty purple galaxy

It’s been a fun past week of discovery from food art to new songs and movies to how to feel happy everyday 😉 April has been off to a great start!

1. #100 things to be grateful for!

Continuing on from the Happiness Equation saga, here’s a compiled list of what readers sent in of what makes them happy everyday! Love the infographic designed below 😉
#97 of cows just make me laugh. My cousin’s favourite animal is a cow cause it goes moo! From work to health to people to the world in general, it’s all here. It’s really the little things that make you =)

100 things

Designed by Chris Bailey 2016


#2. How Gen Y are you?

Saw this quiz on Pocket and so had to take it! Answer is a bit mysterious… But in short, I’m a Gen Y!


#3. Verge by Owl City & Mothers Day movie.

Kudos to the Mother’s Day movie trailer that bought me to Owl City’s epic song of verge. The perfect song when you are on the verge on something incredible, amazing and inspiring. From graduation, your first job, your dream job, new life stages in general! Adam Young has such a beautiful singing tone 😉




#4. Veg and fruit art!

Move over molecular gastronomy. The new innovative thing is fruit and veg art! Made right here in Melbourne, name designs all sorts of very realistic and incredible works from Disney! From Snoopy to Tigger to Minions to even the Up! Couple 😉 (Yes her talents go beyond just Disney). Her designs are amazing inspired by her son Jacob.
Check it out @jacob_food_diaries 😉

#5. Get a job…

Let’s face it. Getting a job these days is pretty hard. Where university degrees are no longer the golden ticket. So what better way to sum up Gen Y problems with a movie?


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