I is for Iceberg Lettuce – Day #9


Image by josie’s organics

We’re getting to some tricky letters now where a name of a fruit or veg doesn’t come to mind so easily! Thank goodness there’s iceberg lettuce to save the day πŸ˜‰ Lettuce begin (pun intended!).

For years iceberg lettuce was a staple in my sandwiches. Affordable, easy to prep and from memory in my Prep book of writing of how to make a sandwich! What can I say? It must have been the early makings of a sandwich connoisseur πŸ˜‰

Of course then it got booted in place of spinach and mixed salad leaves for higher nutrient value. But turns out iceberg lettuce still has it’s place in the sandwich making world.

Fun facts about Iceberg lettuce
πŸ˜‰ Contrary to popular belief iceberg lettuce isn’t just empty calories/kilojoules! Sure it’s 96% water (with the added bonus of being instantly refreshing) but it does have other nutrients…

β€’ Protein

β€’ Calcium & Potassium

β€’ Folate

β€’ Surprisingly beta-carotene is in it too converter to Vitamin A (just like those carrots!)

β€’ And many more!

So who knew? Humble lettuce is actually filled with some hidden nutrients.

Thanks to Nutrition About for today’s food tibits!


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