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Spitting Image 2:3 — Unrandom Acts of Kindness

on March 29, 2016

We’ve heard of random acts of kindness. But what about intentionally being kind when the siutation presents itself? Words to ponder on πŸ˜‰

Yonason Goldson

5.acts-without-thinking-kindness-picture-quotesMy neighbor was standing at the front desk of a high-end fitness center one morning when a man came through the door and approached the counter.

β€œI’ve been jogging,” he said, panting, β€œand I forgot to bring my water bottle with me. Β Could I please have a glass of water?”

β€œI’m sorry,” said the young woman behind the desk, β€œbut this is a private club. Β There’s a gas station down the street that might be able to help you.”

The jogger looked at the receptionist, shrugged his shoulders, and left.

My neighbor watched in disbelief. Β β€œExcuse me,” she said. Β β€œYou have a coffee machine with paper cups right next to you. Β You have a sink with a faucet. Β You could have poured the man a cup of water.”

The young woman looked back at her and replied, with evident remorse. Β β€œYou’re right. Β I wish I had thought of that.”


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