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Leap year and Melbourne February happenings 

on March 14, 2016

Leap year 2016 by Google Doodle


1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 & 2016 😉 Those of the leap years that I have lived through! And what better way to celebrate than Google’s very cute bunny leap year gif above?

Loads of things have been happening since Feb, so there’s nothing better than a throwback post to cover everything! From leap year to the Arts Melbourne Dominoes exhibition to the Solar eclipse to today’s Labour day 😉 It’s been a hectic past month!

I have always been fascinated by leap years, the fact that it only ever occurs every 4 years to keep our calendars in sync with the sun’s rotations.  But that also means if you just happen to be born on the 29th Feb, you only have a birthday every 4 years! Aha, yes I can lie about my age 😉 And the fact you were born on that day is even rarer! You actually have a probability of one in 1,461 chance of being a leap year baby.

Also love the fact that there’s not 365 days in a year, there’s 366 days! 😉 Yay an extra magical day that only happens every 4 years! So it’s no wonder that the  Irish have the tradition for women to propose to their partners on this day (seen the movie with Amy Adams & Matthew Goode?) Might as well make it interesting and memorable!


Melbourne’s Arts Centre Dominoes Exhibition 

While I wasn’t there on the actual day, thanks to today’s technology and the very talented , it feels like I was right there watching the setup and epic fall. The very first time being held in Oz, it was a great community event and collaboration 😉 And what better way to ring in the new month by having the whole Melbourne  CBD stop and stare on Saturday?


The short version


The long version


Total solar eclipse


March 9 Total Solar Eclipse 2016 by Google Doodle

March 9 Total Solar Eclipse 2016 by Google Doodle


So what’s a solar eclipse? Well.. in scientific terms it happens when a new moon occurs. In other words, when the moon shows its dark side to the Earth! Not every country had the privlege of experiencing the once in a lifetime event (or so I like to think) 😉 Only Indonesia, Hawaii, Alaska, south and eastern Asia, Korea, Japan, north and western Australia got to see it! (Phew what a list, thanks Michael Skezak from Daily Mail )


Labour Day


The eight-hour day banner first used in 1856 to celebrate the success of action to win workers greater rights. Photo: State Library of Victoria

1856- 8 hr day winner banner Photo: State Library of Victoria


Pretty nifty banner eh? Every second Monday of March, we Melbournians get the day off to commerate the better working conditions that we get today 😉 Back then in the 1800’s, work life wasn’t all great with 14 hours of work, unstable jobs and no leave of any sort! Thanks to James Stephens along with a group of stonemasons (people who carve stones for architecture buildings) who marched off to negotiate better working coniditons on 21 April 1856- work life has turned for the better for us all.

For all those history buffs, here’s some fun facts!
• It actually used to be an annual huge major event march called the Eight Hours Procession, for the following 95 years.
• 1879- tada it became public holiday with pay! woohoo
• 1934- changed to Labour Day
• 1951- the last ever parade ;( with Moomba Festival Parade taking its place in 1955 (why oh why? Moomba isn’t that interesting as celebrating the win for worker’s rights!)

And today is its 160th anniversary! Thanks to Neelima Choahan from The Age for providing these fun facts 😉


Quote of the day 😉

Inspired by Typo… Wish I drew this!



By Pinterest 2016



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