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Is all writing good?

on January 17, 2016


The question that I’ve been pondering this week. We wouldn’t write if we didn’t want to. We all want to create and do something that that we love. So why would you do it, if you don’t love it? But sometimes there’s no getting out of it.

There are different zones of writing 😉 From the awesome in the zone where ideas just flow non stop like the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Willy Wonka’s wonderful chocolate river paradise to the downright just bullying your brain to write for the sake of writing. The latter is a writers or anyone’s worst nightmare.

In my mind the scale goes like this… ( 1 being awesome and 5 being the dreaded writing)

1. Awesome in the zone- writers’ paradise

Short stories. Blogging. Poetry. Novels. Creative writing. Whatever you like writhing, here is the ultimate place to be. To do it as a hobby- amazing and to actually make a living out of it- incredible 😉

2. Hallmark creators

Aw, you know when it’s the time of the year for- birthdays, weddings, engagements, graduations, Christmas and Thankgiving- it’s time to bust out the cards and knuckle down and start writing to your family and friends 😉 to the people you care about and of course significant others. Because they mean so much to you- your card says it all 😉 Travel postcards included – simply because in that exact time you were thinking of them.

Even better if you participate in anonymous gift giving, it’s such a wonderful feeling writing to the children who will receive your gift that you lovingly chose and wrapped for them. When they see it, they know someone cares.

3. Late nighters writers

Bleary eyes. Coffee/tea/hot chocolate. Smartphone, iPad/tablet and laptop. Working to the point that you’re not even awake anymore. All things we do when we’re working on a late night uni project or essays. This can go 2 ways- either we’re really psyched about the subject and are one happy camper we’re really scrambling to get the assignment done by the deadline. ( Well it’s called a deadline for a reason!)

4. Applications

College. Scholarships. Intern programs.

In other words anything that you’re applying for and really really want/need. But struggle to convey the words. Sometimes it’s easier said than written when trying to convince someone why you.

5. The one that no one likes but everyone has to do.

Job hunting- resumes, cover letters and of the course the dreaded key selection criteria.

Reflection journals- really? How is this actually a university assessment?

This is where you literally have to force the words to come out as you listen to the humming of boing, boing, boing (cause it’s boring). Subject to ultimate procrastination.

Clearly struggling at scale 3-5 is the worst place to be, partly because those written pieces are integral parts of life. So what to do when those words just won’t come out?

Cue my writer’s survival guide in batting out those much needed words…

1. Write a zoning piece


Just write!

Just write by Kelsey Finkle 2015


That’s right! Pick up the pen or laptop and start working on that short story, poem, song or novel that you’ve been thinking about. It’s your chance to write something, anything. No this isn’t procrastination from doing the thing you’re actually supposed to.

Zoning pieces will actually awaken your creative brain juices and remove any writer’s block- by getting rid of the obstacle without actually thinking about it, Because while you’re stuck on what to initially say, your ability to write something you love isn’t hindered. In fact I wrote this post while I was stuck on my uni reflection assignment and afterwards the writing just flowed. 😉


2. Get inspired


Inspiration wonderland by Inspiration Club UK 2015

Inspiration wonderland by Inspiration Club UK 2015


Listen to your favourite music playlist. Watch inspiration and uppage videos or movies. Check out daily inspiration instagrams. Anything to inspire you!


3. Go out for a walk

It really does wonders when trying to figure out the seemingly impossible problem.


Autumn fall... the best time to walk with golden sunlight

Autumn fall… the best time to walk with golden sunlight by SF Wallpapers


4. Read


Reading by Wikihow

Reading by Wikihow


Books, inspirational quotes, and the most importantly- your very own previous works 😉


Life's wisdom by Valley Quotes 2014

Life’s wisdom by Quotes Valley 2014



5. Talk out loud

Sometimes it’s just easier thinking out loud … In moments, you’ll figure out what you’re exactly trying to say.

Think out loud by Think Books

Think out loud by Think Books



6. Call a friend

Cute penguins and snowman talking by Noomi 2011

Cute penguins and snowman talking by Noomi 2011

I do this whenever I’m stuck on understanding my research for projects or struggling to find the right words to say. My awesome cousin is usually on Skype when I need them and after bouncing ideas off each other it really works!







7. Take breaks! 😉

In some cases, all you really need is a break. To refresh and rejuvenate the brain clogs to get whirling again.

Take a break

Keep calm and take a break by parisalouest 2013


So no- not all writing is good. The process to get there can sometimes be an uphill battle.

The silver lining?

No matter where you are on the writing scale today- with practice and poise, all your writing will become good. Or even better.


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