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#17: A nice place to sit =)

on January 10, 2016

The first theme of the day post for 2016!

A nice place to sit

Created using my new fave app Typorama!


Song of the day 😉

I want the sky – nothing says summer like this song!



Way back when in early December,  I was at Moonee Ponds 😉 For some reason, I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued by small towns with retail shops, laneways and locals mingling in between it all. It makes such a difference and change compared to the one shopping centre that I have in my home town 😉 And finding a nice place to sit away from the hustle and bustle is so easy!

Amongst the locals checking out the super popular fish and chip place Hunky Dory 😉 (even I want to eat there despite being a health nut! 😉 It’s so fully packed all the time with generous portion servings that they even extended their tables parallel to the parallel car parks (that’s right!)

Around the corner bookstore, you have a guy band busking reminiscent of Kodaline (sadly I have no footage) and a bookstore giving out free pizza and…

A flashback of my childhood!


B1 and B2

B1 and B2 at a Bookstore Moonee Ponds.. B2 says Merry Christmas!!


Yep B1 and B2, I was the ultimate fan when I was a kid- anything that was was them I loved! (The original version with people costumes not the 3D one 😉 I destinctly remember my huge stuffed toy, mug, cup and birthday badge… Come to think of it, should have stopped for a photo opp to compare the 90’s and 21 year old me 😉 Though these two do look smaller than the original…

Going back to a nice place to sit, I ended choosing Degani Bakery which offered a full range of brekky options at student friendly prices (my two favourite words) 😉 But seeing how I wasn’t super hungry, I ordered an apple and cinnamon muffin (which wasn’t doughy woohoo!) and green tea (my go to whenever I’m feeling under the weather)- works every time for headaches, migraines, sore throats and a great destresser 😉 Service was punctual and friendly and the best thing about the bakery place that it was a great place to sit with your friends and family or blog for hours 😉


Apple and cinnamon muffin

Apple and cinnamon muffin and green tea at Degani Bakery


Final thoughts…

A nice place to think and relax complemented by not so loud music and a calming serenity. Definitely would come back! Weekends are the best time to relax from whatever happened in the week 😉 Even better- find yourself a nice place to sit during the weekdays work lunch breaks and you’ll feel more refreshed! It could be in a park if you’re lucky your office is opposite one or a nice cafe like Degani 😉


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