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Greening up Melbourne laneways =)

on November 30, 2015


Caroline Springs treelane

The pretty Caroline Springs treelane


Big news Unibookworm readers! 😉 I’ve been inspired to join a radio show (to work on my public speaking skills/interview skills and of course to have fun) – in Melbourne. Only thing though was that they needed super early starts. 6:30am in the morning for volunteering?! So lo and behold, I decided to start my own radio 😉

That’s right 😉 Unibookworm is now on radio via the sound cloud!! Broadcasting on every weekend or late Monday, I’ll cover what’s been happening in the blog space- from shout outs to new followers, songs and themes of the week and everything in between 😉

Thanks for tuning in for the first ever broadcast!


Here’s the follower posts I mentioned in the broadcast 😉

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From Me to You Fashion blogger

David Snape & Friends


Theme of the day 😉

Working in a office environment really makes you appreciate and take in the beautiful greenery and nature around you. After spending 7.5 hours in fluorescent lighting and staring at a screen all day, you literally cannot stare at electronics any longer. We need a nice place to sit with the outside world to read, listen to music, write or sketch…

So I was super excited to find out that the City of Melbourne is working on the Greening Melbourne laneways project!

Check out the awesome new greenery that Melbourne could have…

Greening Melbourne Laneways

Greening Melbourne Laneways… What the future could be =)



The wishing green tree

The wishing green tree


A nice place to sit

A nice place to sit

The best thing about this project is how it’s hosted via the Participate Melbourne website where us Melburnians can contribute our thoughts and opinions (*contribution dates have ended). And it’s not just this project that you can view the latest updates for, you can check out other upcoming ones! Which is pretty awesome how we can help shape the Melbourne that we wish to see.

The Southbank Boulevard project looks quite intriguing…

Here’s a better, healthier and sustainable Melbourne for 2016 😉


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