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#11: The Answer

on November 18, 2015

Mid week already. Not long till the end of the year 😉 (can’t believe the Christmas season is fast approaching- well more like here already!) Where all the decorations, movies, presents are all here once again for the festive season! The line up of the Arthur Christmas, Home Alone and The Santa Clause are my must see movies 😉 (and of course I’ve already started the lineup!)

Today’s song of the day is The Answer by Kodaline (of course 😉 thanks to Wonderland (channel 10 series) sorta reminiscent of Friends 😉 for introducing me to Kodaline! Since last year in September, they’ve been my top playlist in Spotify 😉



I thought that the answer topic would be fitting given Paris’ recent light of events. For everyone and anyone who has been affected, know that we’re all praying for you and here for you =)

So the answer.

In life there are 2 types of answers that we all search for. Education (the seemingly easier one) and life (the more challenging one). Granted the former is easier. Cause you know that it’s been trialed and tested and there’s theory to back it up. And even if you don’t know the answer- you can simply google it 😉 Same goes for exams and tests, you can study for it- knowing all the theory beforehand. What’s right it right and wrong is wrong (with clear reasons why).

But life questions on the other hand is a whole other train of thought. Where we can’t simply google or study the answer and make sense of it all. Where no matter how hard we try, we can never make sense of all life’s events. And given Paris’ recent events, it’s only natural that families who lost loved ones are asking why- along with the rest of the world. While we may not know the reasons why, what we do know is this…

When we stand united- it’s the shining beacon of light that overwhelms the realm of darkness. And honestly, we all need that.

Our united front of care and support almost makes up for the fact that we still don’t have answers.

Truth is, we can spend our whole lives searching for answers and never to find them. Other times we do, after unbelievable journeys of self discovery and stories from family, friends, a kind random stranger, well renowned bloggers and authors and all. But having all life’s answers isn’t the most important thing. It’s the people you’ve met, inspired you and are rooting for you as you find your way back on your feet. Which is exactly what we’re all doing for Paris right now. 😉


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