#10: Peace for Paris

By now everyone would have heard about the Paris attacks last Friday =( So today’s post is a tribute to Paris…


Peace for Paris by Jean Jullien 2015


As the news special by Channel 7 on Sunday night called the world action Stand By Paris. And indeed it was a global stand by.

(*Today’s song is Kodaline’s Perfect World, cause in a Perfect world it wouldn’t have to be this way…)


Within a minute of hearing the news, Jean Jullien sketched a Peace for Paris symbol (pictured in the header) πŸ˜‰ and posted it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Which went completely viral. As Jullien puts it- what needs to spread, spreads πŸ˜‰ (Nudd 2015). In situations like this, it’s where we see the comradery of people, nations and countries uniting as one international movement.

World landmarks lit up the blue, white, red French flag in solitary. From Australia’s Melbourne NGV to Sydney Opera House to Brisbane Town Hall to London’s Tower Bridge, to San Francisco’s Town Hall.

London Tower Bridge 2015

London Tower Bridge 2015 by Oliver Dixon


San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall by UPI Photo/eyevine 2015



Brisbane City Hall 2015

Brisbane City Hall 2015


Thousands of people gathered for the vigil (overnight prayers and remberance) tribute services for the 129 innocent victims. In Melbourne, 3000 people came to Federation square on Sunday to pay their respects holding French flags, candles and signs for peace. The Peace for Paris has truly went globally viral. As majority donned white t-shirts to have it sprayed with the symbol (Zervos 2015).

Check out the news coverage of Melbourne’s tribute event here

To me, it’s moments like this that reminds us to not take things for granted. Cause everything that we think that isn’t going our way, becomes just petty in comparison to all this. Even if our partner/ parents nattering drives us up the wall sometimes or we’re stuck in the less than ideal jobs or when we’ve failed in our studies- know that we’re still blessed and lucky to have those moments. Because we don’t know what happens tomorrow… So today forgive what needs to be forgiven, hold your loved ones tight and make the most of the little nuances of life πŸ˜‰

#Peace For Paris =)



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