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#9: Happy Days =)

on November 13, 2015

Welcome back to a theme a day! 😉 Sorry for the mini hiatus, was feeling a bit under the weather XD but all better now armed with plenty of uppage inspiration your way! =) Happy Friday by the way… which of course Snoopy can’t say it better than…

Happy Friday

Happy Friday Snoopy by Charles Shulz

Fridays are more awesome than any other day of the week just cause…
😉 The world seems to be brighter and happier with golden sunlight & clouds
😉 It’s the last day of uni or work for the week yay!
Friday night is yours- building a 1000 jigsaw puzzle (which doesn’t seem to be progressing as well as I hoped… haven’t figured out the border pieces yet), staying up late reading your favourite novel, watching the epic movies on TV or in your DVD collection or hanging out with Friends (which is currently rerunning on Gem Mon-Friday 6:30-7:30pm 😉 anything and everything you like without having to worry to get up early the next day!
😉 It’s the day to go to foodie events (check out Melbourne Cake Bake and Sweet Show review)
😉 The day where you can legitimately take a day off from studying or working.


Word of the day



Ingenuity definition by Google 2015

Posting up this word has somehow made me think of Hank Zipzer the TV show and the books 😉 In short, Henry Winkler (known as Fonzie from Happy Days.

You know…


hehehe Happy Friday from Happy Days 😉 😉

Well yes, Henry Winkler has recently wrote a book series called Hank Zipzer the world’s greatest underachiever which I think it ingenious! It’s about a young school boy Hank who has dyslexia (where he has to work extra hard to read as the words get jumbled) and his adventures at Westbrook Academy in the UK. Every day is filled with hilarious drama and comedy where no day is ever considered normal! Add in the mix with his family, best friends Frankie and Ashley, favourite teacher Mr Rock who of course is a music teacher played by Henry Winkler and arch nemesis Nick McKelty and Miss Adolf (his teacher)- and you have Hank Zipzer 😉 Which just also happens to be inspired by Henry Winkler’s childhood.

Check out the TV series that’s currently playing on ABC Iview (what did we do before catch up TV?) And the book series! Here’s just a sample of what the life of Hank Zipzer entails…



Igneous eh? It’s such a unique and original storyline that once again proves why UK script writers are the better ones! I think it works cause it’s so relatable, funny as we all reminisce about our days in high school 😉

So happy days!! 😉


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