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#8: Life like this

on November 7, 2015

Photo of the day 😉

Mr Munchies Minion Cookies

Image by Minions Universal Studios- Mr Munchies Minion Cookies

Is brought to you by Minions! 😉 Illumination Entertainment & Universal Studios. Was just randomly walking through Coles and saw this awesome Minion collection item! Smart marketing reigns again with the cute packaging of the shiny lunch carry bag look with the huge pic by the Minion’s googling eyes 😉 that’s almost pleading you to buy them! Added with the fact that it’s made by minions and comes with a magnet (which of course is a collectible collection of 30), kids are easily won over to get their parents to buy them. (* Guess that makes me a kid then hehehe).

To be honest though, I was won over by the magnets, as I pretty much liked all of them 😉 Turn the bag over and you see…

Minions magnet

Image by Ilumination Entertainment & Universal Studios 2015

Smart marketing all in a bag 😉

The cookies actually surprisingly taste really really good, they smell and taste really buttery even though it’s not listed in the ingredients list. Genius Minion magic!

In case you’re wondering, this is the magnet I ended up with…

Most likely to succeed

Most likely to succeed Minion Magnet with Minions cookies =p

Aw even Minions think I’m most likely to succeed yay!

Song of the day…

Life like this won’t last forever. At least that’s what I like to think. Whenever I’m in a situation, place or in a different stage of life- I know that eventually it will pass. When it’s the not so great times , it’s been the light at the end of the tunnel 😉

But in good moments, the ones you wish could last forever. The golden starlight or sunlight of life. Those are the times when I remember to make the most of it and cherish it before it all ends. In those moments, we realise how incredibly lucky we are and are thankful and grateful of what we have.

Life is a collection of little moments- ups, downs and in between =) and no matter which moment we’re in, they will become inspirational stories and precious memories…

Christmas in July lanterns.

The time you wrote your first blog post (can’t believe it’s been almost Unibookworm’s 1 year and a half birthday soon!)

Finally finishing uni exams 😉

Doing something that scared the heck out of you but you did it anyway.

The random medical incidents (in a tram for goodness sake when it happened)

Baking macarons like a boss (for the first time successful batch!)

Everything and anything that makes the wheels of life continue in motion. 😉

Word of the day 😉


Definition and Image by Google 2015


One response to “#8: Life like this

  1. Monica says:

    I saw this post and now I’ve got to buy them! =) sounds delish. 😉 great post by the way!


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