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The Unibookworm Internship =)

on October 24, 2015
Unibookworm internship

Image by Unibookworm taken from Typo


In celebration for the awesome movie of the Intern ;), I’ve decided to create my own summer internship! It’s the end of the year, no one is really recruiting right now- as we’re all fast approaching Christmas 😉 yay! So I figured- why not create my very own internship that enthuses everything that I am passionate about? 😉 The one thing that excites me the most about this is the self discovery journey that I’ll embark on!

From daily creative writing (published right here in Unibookworm) to attending free fundraising seminars online (thanks to the world of Internet- the sky is literally the limit for learning anything) to learning more about American history through the awesome website called Study.com 😉 Just recently bought the long awaited National Treasure DVD set which is in fact my all time favourite movies for it’s history and adventure- doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, still super excited every time I re-watch it and spot and learn more new things! (P.S The cracking the code cases to unlock secret special features was awesome!!) I’m so excited by idea of delving into American Universities- which I heard and know is completely different from Australian Universities 😉 To my own professional career development journey to smart marketing reviews, it’s all happening in the Unibookworm Internship!

(*This of course means loads and loads of daily posts!!! 😉

So here’s what I’ll be doing for the next 2 months into the New Year 😉

Self discovery wise..,

=) A theme a day blog post: based on my favourite song titles (namely Kodaline) for daily inspiration 😉

=) A photo a day– combined with my theme a day blog series- it will everything and anything that inspired me for the day, cause as I like to say… Everyday I find something new to be inspired by. Because after all, everyday is an adventure- it’s not something big that needs tons of planning, money or whatnot. Adventure is always out there- you just have to take the time to look closely for it and you’ll find the moment 😉



Image by Typo & MeScrap 2015


=) Signature sauce posts

Finding your signature sauce

Image by Alyssa Padgett 2015

Courtesy of my friend Paul Angone from America! Best selling author of 101 Secrets for your 20’s and Allgroanup blog writer- he’s actually launched a online series where you can sign up for one on one life/career coaching! I couldn’t participate this time round, but thanks to Paul’s generosity – I managed to bag his free ebook for the 10 Keys of finding your signature sauce 😉 yay!! Join me as I share my journey about dreams, visions and goals that craft my signature sauce (ooh that sounds mastercheffy! =)


=) Smart marketing reviews– combined with The Gruen (ABC’s epic marketing debate/discussion/ Q & A show) from domestic violence against women, to Herald Sun’s Movie Collection promo to the CommBank’s new ad- anything that catches my eye will be reviewed!


Image by Gruen 2015


=) Hidden life lessons in TV Shows like Madam Secretary, Agents of SHIELD & books! (namely Lemony Snicket- will be sad when I finish the series ;( let me know if you guys have recommendations 😉 thanks!


Career wise…

Career wise

Image designed by Unibookworm using Pixel Express, Images from City of Melbourne 2015, National Archives, Go Fundraise 2015


=) American History with American Universities!! 😉 I’ve always been fascinated by American History from the Declaration of Independence to the well renowned Presidents- JFK, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington- inspiring men who helped shaped American as they are today!

=) GoFundraise Training seminars 😉 thanks to the PA’s annual biggest Duck Race that fundraisers for cancer- actually found out that there are free seminars available in using the fundraising webpages =) definitely will come in handy for my future career- all will yet be revealed in good time. While the race is over, it was last weekend- if you would still like to donate to find a cure for cancer- it’s still open! 😉

=) City of Melbourne Green Projects review– every since doing the uni 48 hour assignment on sustainable active living projects for bike lanes and reduced CBD driving zones- I’ve become intrigued by them! While I don’t have a degree in urban planning/ sustainable living- being able to review current city projects and give feedback is the next best thing!

And lastly… getting my P’s!!

This all kicks off Monday officially! Tomorrow coming your way will be the review of the amazing Melbourne Cake Bake and Sweets Show- where there were free macaron box throws, Masterchef people, caramel popcorn and German authentic pretzels! (gasp! I though they were from American origin until yesterday, sorry Germany!)


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