Unibookworm’s Cancer Saving Duckies!!! =)

Support The Duck

Support The Duck Festival Image by PA Rsearch Foundation


Yep, it’s been a while since I’ve been venturing off in the blogging world =O, it may even seem like I disappeared off the grid! Can’t believe that it’s almost October already, the year has simply blown by too quickly. It’s like my perception of time doesn’t really match up to where the year is really at. Do you guys sometimes feel that way?

In short, in between uni’s projects (finally done and dusted 6 projects out of the 7!) woo! Last week was by far the most hectic, 3 major projects including a 48 hour one, till 1am – led the funny results. Like the fact that after 12am, anything and I mean anything becomes ridiculously funny 😉 But all good fun nonetheless!

Anyway, it seems that whenever I take a break from blogging there’s always awesome big news to announce! (Odd random observation there, so let’s keep an eye out for September 2016’s big one!). So for this year, as you may have guessed from my interesting blog title- I’m fundraising for cancer research!!

Introducing Unibookworm’s Cancer Saving Duckies =)!!!

UB Duckies

Image by Kmart 2015 (sun cushion) and Wallpaper 222


But who are they?

They are my cute rubber duckies that are on a mission to save the world from cancer! =) 😉

Every year the Queensland PA (Princess Alexandra) Foundation (cancer research hospital charity) have this awesome event called the Duck Race!

Known as the biggest charity Duck Race in Australia (we’re talking about 40,000 rubber duckies!) it has a history of running for 9 years. It’s a fun family community event where the duckies are released into the water to race. Best of the all, the event raises vital cancer research funds to save lives! (In 2013, $400,000 was raised, which is amazing!) (PA Research Foundation 2015).

So today, as they say…

“Don’t be a sitting duck and come join us for the race that quacks the nation!”

Duck festival

Image by PA Research Foundation 2015

To get involved: (yay!) 😉

1. You can support Unibookworm’s Cancer Saving Duckies at my fundraising page by simply donating $5 in my Fundometer (thank you so much in advance! =) Please note that all donations over $2 are tax deductible and you will be issued with a receipt via email, cheers.

2. Share my fundraising webpage to all your family, friends, and colleagues to help spread the word!

3. Buy your own ducky to win the race @ https://tickets.supporttheduck.org.au/
Single ducks are $5 too.

4. Attend the actual Duck Race if you live in Queensland (looks like entry is free) =) woohoo!
Event details are @ http://www.supporttheduck.org.au/festival/

And thank you so much for checking out my fundraising page! You know the odd thing is that this all started when I googled rubber duckies. So imagine my surprise when I found out that they were so much more!

Let’s all Support the Duck to Stop Cancer – a leading cause of death in Australia. 


With light, hope and smiles ;),
=)’s Shirley


PA Research Foundation 2015, Support the Duck History, PA Research Foundation, retrieved 22 September 2015, <http://www.supporttheduck.org.au/festival/&gt;.


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