5 Ways to Know That You’re Really a Writer

Personally for me, you know you’re a writer when you write simply for the pure joy to create something. Even if no one reads it, likes it or comments it, in all honesty it doesn’t matter. You keep writing anyway, because you do it because you love it. Because there’s nothing better than seeing your own work published in your blog with the self gratification that you created that 😉

Most of all, it’s all about being written to you and whether or not some one reads it – remains insignificant. You write because you simply want to – not for self validation. 😉

And that is why unibookworm exists! To me there’s nothing better than having my blog opened in my browser whenever I’m doing uni work, to look at what I created and astounding myself that I did that 😉 Will you join me today in being fearless in sharing your writers voice?

A Writer's Path

Typewriter Old

So, the other day, I arrived bright and early for the morning shift at my job. One coworker remarked that I looked too bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for somebody who was going to work at 6 am. I explained to her that I woke up at 4 in order to write a little before I came in, since I prefer writing in the morning. Cue the dumbfounded stare.

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