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Unibookworm is tutoring Economics!

on July 10, 2015


So here’s a quick recap of my quirky tutor ad 😉
*Please note that tutoring is only available at Deakin Burwood campus.

The tutoring enviro is easy going and casual, and there is no such thing as silly questions!

Unibookworm tutoring package includes:
1. Test preps for the graded online tests! Lots of practice q’s & worked solutions. 😉

2. Assignment tips- will deconstruct the assignment and what to do (gosh that sounds so Mastercheffy!)

3. Exams prep including notes & practice exams- I’m going to be upfront and tell you that the exam is hard. So my nifty notes & worked solutions will help!

4. 24/7 email help service- email me whenever and I’ll respond ASAP. 😉

Tutoring style

1 on 1 rates are
$25 for 90 mins
$30 for 2 hours

Groups (of 2-4)
$20 for 90 mins
$25 for 2 hrs

As always, if you have questions email me on unibookworm@gmail.com or post in the comments below 😉

Enjoy the 3 days grace before uni kicks off this Monday! (Those Percy Jackson books are filling up my bookshelf this weekend 😉


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