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How to fail exams…

on June 15, 2015

It’s week 2 of exams and a Monday so I thought it was time for some exam comedy!

After all, it way too easy to get so bogged down with cramming for exams and forget to let loose a little 😉
For those who have already had exams, hopefully this video be some light post-exam mortem hearted comedy for you. And for those who haven’t had exams yet and are extremely scared of failing and haven’t have time to read the 36 Deakin rules of doing exams… !) :O

So from me to you, I’ve completely revamped the Deakin 36 golden rules of exams to 17 sarcastic but hilarious ways to fail… So are you ready to learn on HOW NOT TO DO EXAMS??


One response to “How to fail exams…

  1. B says:

    Now im defs gonna pass my Physics exam with this =D


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